The “Hidden” Gem In The 2018 NBA Draft

The 2018 draft is loaded with talent. Michael Porter, Mohamed Bamba, Luka Doncic, DeAndre Ayton, Jaren Jackson, and more. However, there’s a likely lottery pick who has been underrated.

Miles Bridges is a Small Forward from Michigan State University. He is entering his Sophomore year after deciding to stay in East Lansing one more year instead of entering the 2017 draft. Miles is a 19-year-old, 6’7″ 229 lb athletic freak with an 81″ wingspan. To me he is a unique player with a decent floor and a high ceiling.

Bridges has a lot to like about his game. He is an athletic freak. He has great strength, speed, and athleticism in general which helps his game a lot. Possibly the most impressive part of his game is his dunking. He’ll get up and throw it down over 3 defenders and make it look effortless. I’m going to be stunned if this kid does not win a dunk contest during his career. (Some Highlight Dunks: He’s a great finisher at the rim with a variety of dunks, floaters, and layups in his arsenal. Another edge Bridges’s insane athleticism gives him is the ability to be an elite chase down artist. Miles could possibly be one of the best at that aspect of the game since LeBron. Bridges has potential to be a good defender and a guy who can defend most positions on the court. He can also play four positions on the court when needed. Bridges is an insane rebounder for his size averaging 8.3 last year for MSU. Scouts thought his shooting could be a problem but he’s improved tremendously every year. He’s a good spot up shooter and can make shots on the move. Bridges could possibly become a perimeter threat He has pretty solid court vision and passing which seem to be improving with his jump shot. He’s a pretty good leader but had to do a lot on his own last year. With the addition of Jaren Jackson he can possibly lead the Spartans to a title.

However, like most players there are some cons to his game. Bridges can be careless at times with the ball and his dribbling needs improvement. He can be turnover prone at times as well. Yes he has high defensive potential but Miles can be lackadaisical at times especially off the ball. Miles is very streaky at times and needs to find more consistency, especially with his shot. His mid-range shot and free throw need work. He shot 68.5% from the charity stripe in 16/17. Miles can also be a heat check at times because he’ll get hot and then take bad quality contested shots to see how hot he is. All of these things he can hopefully improve.

Bridges can be an insane player if he develops right in the NBA. A great second option, A guy who puts up 20 a night, an allstar, or maybe even a top 10 player. I currently have him ranked 5th for prospects next year and he could possibly shoot up or fall depending on how next season goes.


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