Why Cavs and Warriors Round 3 is Good for the NBA

Ever since former MVP and 4 time scoring champion, Kevin Durant, left his Oklahoma City Thunder and signed with the Golden State Warriors, the Dubs had all but clinched a third straight Finals berth. Their only real competition would have been Durant’s Thunder but the future Hall of Famer’s departure made Golden State’s path to the finals that much easier. On the other side of the league, after LeBron’s tour de force Finals performance, in which he resurrected the Cavs from a 3-1 deficit and solidified himself as a top 3 player of all time, you would have to be crazy to think that any team besides the Cavaliers would come out of the relatively weak East.There were some outlandish analysts trying to stray from the norm with their picks, but from the very moment that the Cavs walked out of Oracle Arena as champions, most fans knew that these two teams would meet again.
Many basketball fans and “NBA Twitter GMs” have proclaimed that the Cavs and the Warriors steamrolling their competition is bad for basketball and the fact that there is no parity anymore is ruining the NBA. The fact that most of the games this playoffs have been blowouts is unfortunate, but the fact that these two teams are meeting again in the Finals for the third year in a row is not a bad thing at all. Fans of the game need to quit complaining and appreciate the greatness from both of these teams that we might never see again.
First off, Cavs v Warriors 3 is already a historic series. No two teams have met in the Finals in three consecutive years. This matchup is the tie breaker that every fan of the sport should be dying to watch. In 2015, the Cavs were without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, their 2nd and 3rd best players, for majority of the series. In 2016, Stephen Curry was playing through an injury, Draymond Green was suspended in Game 5, and the Warriors’ primary rim protector, Andrew Bogut, was Injured at the end of the series. But now, in 2017, all teams are at full strength, are well rested, and have no excuses. This series might be the last Warriors Cavs Finals and it will declare who wins the best of 3 series.
This series also could be Kevin Durant’s first NBA Championship. Durant will likely end his career as a top 3 Small Forward ever and this series could be an enormous legacy booster for him. The same goes for Stephen Curry. He already has a championship, but another one along with a potential Finals MVP would place much higher on the all time list of NBA greats. There is so much greatness in this series but the greatest of them all is LeBron James. We all are witnessing a top 3 player of all time playing some of his best basketball ever at the age of 32. We might not ever get to see a player like LeBron again , so I can’t wait to see him perform in another Finals.
Regardless of the fact that the Warriors added an all time great scorer to their already stacked team, I fully expect this series to be competitive. This might be one of the best teams that LeBron has ever had, and I learned last year to never underestimate LeBron in a playoff series. I also expect Kyrie to step up this year like he did last year and give the Warriors fits. Both of these teams have great players and this series should be epic. Though these playoffs have been subpar up until now, I think that we will have an awesome Finals that makes up for it. Although the Cavs and Warriors are dominating the East and West respectively, a third straight Finals between the two teams is not bad for the NBA.


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