Why We Should All Be Happy the Patriots are in the Super Bowl Again

On February 5, the Patriots will face off against a historic offense in what is sure to be another nailbiter Super Bowl that comes down to a final drive just as every other Super Bowl that includes that Patriots has since the first one all those years ago. So many people are being vocal of how tired they are of seeing the Patriots in the big game for the 7th time since 2001. My question to those people is why? I understand many have issues with spygate and the other cheating allegations thrown towards the Patriots, but from an entertainment standpoint why would you not want the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl 36 the Patriots faced off against the, “Greatest Show on Turf” St. Louis Rams, led by MVP Kurt Warner. At the 1:37 mark of the game Kurt Warner hits Ricky Proehl on the left side of the field for a 26 yard touchdown and ties the game up at 17 a piece. The following drive by the Patriots not only began a dynasty, but ended on the closing seconds of the game as Vinatieri kicked it through the uprights.

Two years later the Patriots were in the Super Bowl again after a very questionable call that has been highly debated ever since and has been referred to as “The Tuck Rule” game. They were facing off against the Carolina Panthers who had a red hot Jake Delhomme who had been playing the best ball of his career in the 2003 playoffs. Hell you could argue that he outperformed Tom Brady in this Super Bowl when he had 323 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and on a passer rating of 113.6. The two teams combined for 37 total points in the 4th quarter and oddly enough the final score for the losing team in this one was again a pass to Ricky Proehl. The same result was repeated as the Patriots drove down the field for the game winning field goal once again.

In the following Super Bowl the Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles and were at the will of an injured Terrell Owens who had 9 receptions for 122 yards in the game. Down 3 with 46 seconds on the clock Donovan McNabb had a chance to push the team down the field, but on a 3rd and 9 McNabb put the ball a little too high for L.J. Smith and was picked off by Rodney Harrison at the 00:09 mark of the 4th quarter.

Super Bowl 42 which featured the undefeated New England Patriots against the underdog New York Giants. A game that lagged through the first 3 quarters as the score was only 7-3 in favor of NE at the start of the 4th. Arguably the greatest play in all of sports happened this day and was made by a man who would go on to never catch a single ball in the NFL ever again after this game. It was 3rd and 5 with 1:15 left in the game. One play prior the Giants lucked out by Asante Samuel dropping an interception that was thrown straight to him. The Giants needed miracle play; that is exactly what they received.

Super Bowl 46 the rematch of the previous Giants v Patriots game many believed the Patriots would avenge their past loss, but they were sorely mistaken. The Giants refused to let the Patriots offense touch the ball for most of the game accumulating 15 minutes more of possession time and everything again came down to the final play of the game which was a hail mary attempt that did not go in favor of the Patriots.

Then the last Super Bowl that this era of Patriots has seen was the game against the reigning champions the Seattle Seahawks. This game went back and forth the entire game. Neither team being able to pull away from the other. Brady was struggling early on, but in the 4th quarter solidifed his greatness to many as he pushed the Patriots to two touchdowns in the 4th quarter. The Seahawks though drove down the field with an insane catch by Jermaine Kearse. With 26 seconds left on the clock after Belichick oddly did not call a timeout to stop the clock, the Seahawks with one yard to go to win the Super Bowl for a 2nd year in a row did this.

The point is whether or not you like the Patriots every game is guaranteed to be exciting. You can choose to boo or cheer them, but hell I wish we could have them every year. The Super Bowls in general have not been good games for the most part when the Patriots are not in it. Broncos beat down the Panthers, Seahawks tore apart the Broncos, and so on. Many want different teams in the Super Bowl, but I am simply looking for a great game and the Patriots have been in 6 Super Bowls so far with Tom Brady and every single one of them were decided in the final 2 minutes of the game. Having the Patriots in the Super Bowl is the closest thing to a guarantee of a good game you can get.


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