4 Players Not Reaching the Headlines

Players like LeBron, Harden, Westbrook, AD, and KD are all making headlines for their terrific play and deservedly so. But their are also some players that are going under the radar and I am here to give them the respect and credit that they have earned this season.


(USA Today) 

John Wall

Wall has been the best point guard in the East this season but the Wizards started off terribly so he hasn’t been talked about like he should be . He is averaging 23.3ppg, 10.2apg, 4.4rpg on 46% shooting from the field and a true shooting percentage of 55%. The Wizards are 11-7 since the start of December and Wall has been the main reason for that. They are now making a push for the bottom seeds in the East. Statistically speaking Wall is superior than most of his Eastern Conference counterparts. Give the man his credit.

(USA Today)

Rudy Gobert

The Stifle Tower is making a case for the best defender and center in the league this season. His basic numbers (12.5 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 2.6bpg) don’t jump off the page but make no mistake, his impact is tremendous. Utah has the best defense in the league field goal percentage wise and that is hugely accredited to Gobert’s defense at and around the rim. Gobert is leading the league in blocks per game, true shooting percentage, offensive rating, defensive rating, and defensive win shares. He has been THAT good.


Jabari Parker

Although he is being overshadowed by his teammates Giannis Antetokounmpo success, Jabari is having a wonderful season. Parker is putting up 20.4ppg, 5.7rpg, 2.5apg on 49% shooting. He’s only taking 3.4 3 pointers per game but he is shooting 40% on those, which is another huge step in developing his game. He has also showed some athleticism that I didn’t think he had in him. Parker’s play has been so good that he has closed the gap between him and Andrew Wiggins, who was picked before him in the 2014 draft.


CJ McCollum

Like Parker, McCollum is the second best player on his team behind his backcourt mate Damian Lillard. But McCollum has been great this season. For the season he is averaging 23.3ppg, 3.8apg, 3.7rpg on 47% shooting. In January he has been on fire, averaging 35/6/5/51% while Damian Lillard was out for some of those games injured. McCollum has proven that he can sustain his on personal and team success without Lillard for a short stint.


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