Mike Trout: The Greatest of Our Generation? 

On November, 17th, 2016, Michael Nelson Trout won his second MVP in just his fifth year in the league. At age 25, Trout has had some impressive accomplishments over his five year career. Trout has been in the MVP conversation all five years of his career and has already won twice. He placed second in voting in the other three campaigns. Trout and Barry Bonds are the only players to finish top 2 in MVP voting 5 straight years. Trout however, is the only player to do it in his first 5 years. MVP Trout ended the year 10th in Batting Average (.315), 39th in Home Runs (29), 10th in Stolen Bases (30), 1st in On-Base Percentage (.441), 1st in Runs (123), and 2nd in On-Base + Slugging (.991). Those impressive stats led to Trout winning his 2nd MVP.

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In addition to his two MVPs, Trout also has other awards under his belt as well. Trout has been an All-Star every year in his career and won the All-Star game MVP award twice in a row (2014-2015). Trout has won five straight Silver Sluggers. The only other player to accomplish this is Mike Piazza, who did it ten straight times. Trout also won Rookie of the Year while also finishing in the top two in MVP voting the same year. In 2012, Trout lead the league in stolen bases and made the 30-30 club, which is when a player gets 30+ stolen bases and 30+ dingers in the same year.

Via @Angels/Twitter

At age 25, Trout is on pace to be one of the best players ever, and just maybe the greatest player to ever hit a baseball. Trout has more hits prior to turning 25 than Pete Rose, the all time hit leader did at the same age. He has more home runs by age 25 than Barry Bonds, all time homerun leader, did at that age. He has more runs before age 25 than all time runs leader Ricky Henderson did at that age. On top of all that, Trout has more total bases before turning 25 than Hank Aaron, the total base leader did at Trout’s age. Trout has finished with 25+ home runs and 100+ runs in all 5 of his seasons, which is more than Hall of Famers Yogi Berra, Kirby Puckett, Reggie Jackson, and George Brett had COMBINED. Before his 25th birthday, Trout joined Alex Rodriguez as the only player to have 150+ homeruns and 100+ stolen bases by that age in AL History. Trout has a career slashline of .306/.405/.557 (Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage). Manny Ramirez is the only player who’s career began post WW2 with at least 3000 plate appearances to meet these minimums. Wow.

Statistically, Trout is arguable the best player of all time as far age 25 stats go, and he has the potential to finish his career as the greatest of all time.


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