One Sentence to Describe the Fate of Every NBA Team

Last week I wrote an article giving the best case scenario for every team and it got a lot of positive feedback, so I’ve decided to do something similar.

This week I’ll be giving one sentence to describe how I think every team’s season will go.

Hawks– Millsap proves he’s a star, leading Hawks to playoffs with good surrounding pieces.

Celtics- Brad Stevens proves to be the league’s best young coach and the Celtics are the 2 seed.

Nets- They end up with what is easily the worst record in the NBA, and get compensated with no draft pick to show for it.

Hornets- Kaminsky, Hibbert and others can’t fill the shoes of Al Jefferson, and Charlotte regresses in the win column.

Bulls- Chicago shows they have the single worst floor spacing in the history of basketball and Rondo or Wade becomes a trade piece.

Cavaliers- LeBron coasts through the regular season and lets Kyrie Irving show out, then carries his team to a second straight NBA title.

Mavericks- Dirk is still great, but the pieces around him aren’t good enough to get to the playoffs.

Nuggets- Even if the record isn’t great, the youngsters show out.

Pistons- Stan Van Gundy will do Stan Van Gundy things and get his squad to play better than they actually are… and they’re actually good.

Warriors- The juggernaut works perfectly… until they meet LeBron in the finals, where they once again fall.

Rockets- Their defense will be the league’s worst, but their offense will be so good it won’t matter.

Pacers- Paul George has a great season, Myles Turner’s game further develops and Thaddeus Young ends up being the acquisition that really matters.

Clippers- Behind league MVP Chris Paul (yes, I said it), and a great supporting cast, they give Golden State a run for their money in the WCF.

Lakers- While Brandon Ingram isn’t as good as some foolishly believe, the dynamic duo of Clarkson and Russell proves to be fantastic.

Grizzlies- Zach Randolph’s performance level falls off a cliff, but Mike Conley steps up big time en route to another playoff appearance for the team that never goes away.

Heat- They don’t go anywhere near the postseason, and Hassan Whiteside is exposed as just a “run jump and dunk” Center without real offensive or defensive skills.

Bucks– The loss of Khris Middleton proves to be a big blow, and even though they miss the playoffs, Giannis and Jabari have impressive seasons.

Timberwolves- Towns and Wiggins continue to be excellent, and Minnesota sneaks into the playoffs.

Pelicans- Anthony Davis’ injury concerns linger throughout the year, and his lack of good teammates costs New Orleans greatly.

Knicks- It simply doesn’t work.

Thunder- Russell Westbrook, who might as well be given the MVP trophy now with how many people view it as a forgone conclusion that he will win, can’t take his team to the playoffs.

Magic- Evan Fournier and Mario Hezonja more than fill in for the absence of Victor Oladipo on the wing, but the team doesn’t fit.

Sixers- Joel Embiid doesn’t win Rookie of the Year but does impress greatly, the Sixers make progress.

Suns- Devin Booker’s rapid progression forces a Brandon Knight trade.

Trail Blazers- Lillard and McCollum’s stats get slightly worse, but Portland is still a definite playoff team.

Kings- Sacramento continues to be the dumpster fire that not even new Head Coach Dave Joeger can fix, they implode once again.

Spurs- Kawhi is still phenomenal, but the pieces around him simply aren’t quick and fast enough for today’s league, costing them in terms of record.

Raptors- Toronto stays the same record-wise, the only problem is other teams are getting better.

Jazz- A stacked and lengthy roster in Utah gives the Jazz one of the top defenses in the NBA, and the 3 seed in the Western Conference.

Wizards- John Wall continues to get better, and Bradley Beal misses less time, helping the Wizards sneak into the playoffs.


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