The Greatness of Mike Trout

Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. This is one thing baseball fans have agreed on for over 3 years now. Everyone knows that Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. We knows that he has had a historic start to his career but we still take manage to take him for granted. Trout has been so good year in and year out that the majority of baseball fans have become numb to his greatness.He is an unstoppable force that has proved through his first 5  full years in the league  that he is on the fast track to possibly becoming one of the greatest players the league has ever seen.

Mike Trout at the ripe age of 25 has already built himself a Hall of Fame case. Wins above Replacement is a statistic used by many baseball analysts designed to compile the total of a player’s contributions to their team into one number. According to Baseball Reference, Trout has a career WAR of 48.5 which is the highest of any player EVER through their age 25 season. That mark of  48.5 is also already better than over 32 Hall of Famers including the legendary Lou Brock. Did I mention he is only 25? Trout’s greatness goes past his incredible WAR. He is a 5 tool talent who has virtually no weaknesses as a baseball player. He is an extraordinary talent with the bat, an excellent base runner, and his incredible speed and athleticism allows him to be a good center fielder. Trout led the league in Wins above Replacement for the 5th straight year. That is pure dominance and is unprecedented for someone so young. The only other player in the history of the league is Babe Ruth who did it in the early 1900’s.

Despite the fact that he has had a historic 5 year stretch, Trout has won the MVP only once. However, he has had 4 other top 3 finishes. This is an testament to his incredible consistency. According to WAR, Trout was the best player in the league each of these years and you could make a case that he deserved the MVP in any of those years. This year, Trout should win his second AL MVP. He leads the league in major statistical categories including WAR, On Base Percentage, and OPS Plus.

Part of the reason that Trout’s greatness sometimes flies under the radar is the fact that the Angels just haven’t been very good. None of this however is Trout’s fault. He is been without a doubt their franshise player and his game speaks for itself. Ever since Trout made his debut in 2011, the Angels have yet to win a playoff series despite making acquisitions of big name free agents  such as Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols. To penalize Trout for the fact that his team has just not been very good is an unfair  way of slighting  one of the best players of our generation.
It is very possible that we might never see another player with the extraordinary peak that Mike Trout has had. If the tragic passing of Jose Fernandez has taught us anything, it is that we should appreciate greatness while it is in front of us and not take it for granted. Mike Trout is an electric player who is a joy to see play and a blessing to the game of baseball . As fans of the game, we are all blessed to see a player so talented at such a young age.


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