WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Expert Predictions & Analysis

Again? Really? It’s only been two weeks since Backlash! Are we really getting another PPV already? Well, I’m definitely not going to complain about it, unless this show really gives me a reason to. Anyway, here we are, back again with the Raw exclusive PPV, Clash of Champions. Nope, not Clash of THE Champions, not Night of Champions, but Clash of Champions. So, back to the predictions we go, but this time, I’ve got Adam with me. Now, without further ado, let’s get into these matches!

Kickoff: Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox

Adam: The only real way Nia Jax doesn’t win is if she gets DQ’d, but don’t expect this match to go on too long, it’ll just be another Nia Jax beatdown.

Nick: Nia.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro: Match Seven of Seven

Adam: I think the only way Sheamus wins is if someone costs Cesaro the match to begin a feud, but my guess is that the Swiss Superman will win and get a shot at a title match.

Nick: This entire “Best of Seven” series is meant to give the winner a title opportunity. Many would argue that there is no one more deserving of a title shot than Cesaro. Plus, the fans are always happy to see him in a title picture. He’ll make like the Cleveland Cavaliers and make the 3-0 comeback to win it all.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

Adam: This match should be quite an exciting one to watch, and I think it will last for at least another PPV after this one. With that being said, I’m picking Chris Jericho to win, likely by some sort of shenanigans.

Nick: The last time I remember these two having a match was when Chris Jericho beat Sami Zayn on Raw. So, because of the 50/50 booking that the WWE loves so much, I’m picking Zayn for the win. I’m also thinking this will help stir things up between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick: WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Adam:  There’s no way TJ loses this match. He won the title a week ago, and a loss in his first defense would make him look weak, and make the title look less prestigious.

Nick: I agree, TJ for the win. He just won the Cruiserweight Classic, and a lot of casual fans might not know who TJ Perkins is, considering he wasn’t on last week’s Raw. He needs to make a name for himself for everyone who doesn’t know who he is. 

Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley: Raw Women’s Championship

Adam: As much as I’ll be rooting for The Boss, I don’t see them switching the title holder at two PPVs in a row. Hopefully, Sasha gets another reign before ‘Mania comes, but I don’t think it starts now.

Nick: I think Charlotte retains here, too. They’ve been teasing a face turn for Dana Brooke, and it would be more interesting if she got a title shot against Charlotte at some point. 

The New Day (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: Raw Tag Team Championships

Adam: The New Day has consistently been the best part of WWE for at least a full year now, but it’s time to take the belts off of them. Give it to great heels in Gallows and Anderson, give them a lengthy run, and maybe the New Day can recapture the belts around ‘Mania season.

Nick: If Gallows and Anderson win the titles here, there are so many different ways they can take their reign. They could let New Day come back to try to recapture the titles, or maybe they could feud with Enzo and Cass. If New Day beats Gallows and Anderson, who’s next? The Shining Stars? Besides, it looks like The New Day are losing momentum, anyway. I think Gallows and Anderson take the titles. 

Rusev (c) vs. Roman Reigns: United States Championship

Adam: Rusev has been killing it as US Champ as of late, and I honestly don’t think they take the belt off of him just yet. I’ll go out on a limb and say Lana does something shady to help the Bulgarian Brute walk out with his title.

Nick: By hook or by crook, I think Roman Reigns gets the win here. I don’t think Rusev will be beating Reigns clean. If he does keep the title, I think it will be by disqualification. 

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins: WWE Universal Championship

Adam:  I fully expect Triple H to return once again and cost Seth Rollins the match, hopefully leading to a bout at The Grandest Stage Of Them All. They should keep KO as champion until at least ‘Mania.

Nick: It looks like Seth Rollins is slowly turning into a babyface, and the story as of now is that Rollins has it out for The Authority for turning their back on him. As long as Kevin Owens is Triple H’s chosen one, Rollins should have to chase after the title for a little longer so that more and more people get behind him.

So,that’s it! Thanks for reading, and thanks to Adam for doing these predictions with me! You can follow him on Twitter @BradyToJules, and you can also follow me on Twitter @NickAintBad. As always, be sure to follow our website @TheLastTimeout to know when all of our articles get posted. Enjoy Clash of Champions, everyone!












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