The Last Timeout Staff NFL Predictions

Most Valuable Player of the Year

De’Shawn Hornback-Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers this year will have Jordy Nelson back in the receiving core and picked up an offensive tackle in the 2nd round which will be a big boost for the QB who was sacked 46 times last year. Seems like a prime Rodgers season is upon us this year.

Adam Aaronson-Russell Wilson. With all of the hype that surrounds Cam Newton and Andrew Luck nowadays, it seems that somehow Russell Wilson is flying under the radar. To keep this short, Wilson can do it all, and whether it’s Week 4 or the Super Bowl, he is going to show up. He has a great supporting cast around him on both sides of the ball, with offensive weapons such as breakout star Thomas Rawls, Doug Baldwin, and Jimmy Graham.

Ajay Stewart-Russell Wilson. Wilson had a MVP caliber season last year with great numbers (4000+ yards, 34 TDs and only 8ints). I expect Russ to go for 4000+ again with even more touchdowns this season and lead the Seahawks to a division title.

Coach of the Year

DH-Bill Bellicek. The Patriots will play 4 games without Tom Brady and the team will come out with a 3-1 record before Brady even arrives at the scene and they will end up still the highest seed in the AFC because coach Bill gets it done.

AA-John Fox. The Chicago Bears have been thought of as nothing more than a laughing stock in the past few years. Their giving of a huge contract to oft-mocked QB Jay Cutler was a big mistake, and their defense has been poor to say the least. But what if this is the year it changes? Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that year will be 2016. If Alshon Jeffery can stay healthy for most of the season and new acquisitions like former Indy LB Jerrell Freeman can play exceptionally well, the Bears are the team to watch out for, especially with an experienced and proven coach at the helm like John Fox.

AS-Jack Del Rio. The raiders are very very talented. Young and talented at that. I expect them to win 8-9 games and that will be enough to sway the voters in his direction.

Offensive Player of the Year

DH-Todd Gurley. The Rams will rely heavily on Gurley with no real passing attack so expect big numbers from him this year.

AA-Russell Wilson. Wilson taking this award as well resembles Cam Newton doing the same in 2015. And Wilson will produce higher numbers in terms of yardage and touchdowns, both with his arm and his legs.

AS-Russell Wilson. Along with his passing numbers I believe Russ will run for 500 yards+ and 5-6 touchdowns. Which will give him over 40 touchdowns accounted for this season.

Defensive Player of the Year

DH– Khalil Mack. Mack has been on the upward trajectory since he was drafted and would not be surprised one bit if he takes the major leap to earn the reward.

AA-J.J. Watt. Watt, who last year won this award for the 3rd time in his career, is always a safe bet. The combination of JJ’s constant dominance on the field and the media’s love of him off the field, this seems like a lock unless someone like Luke Kuechly or Aaron Donald has an all-time caliber season.

AS-Aaron Donald. Mr. Donald is going to destroy the league this year. I mean he did it last year too but this year is going to be crazy. He will get more looks by the casual viewer because of the LA market he is now in.

Offensive Rookie of the Year

DH-Ezekiel Elliot. Just seems insane to pick anyone else. We know he’s going to get the carries and we know they have a great line regardless of who is at QB the Cowboys will run through Elliot.

AA– Ezekiel Elliot Ezekiel Elliot is in the perfect situation for a rookie RB, he’s running behind what is by far the best offensive line in football right now, and he is going to get a ton of touches. Because of this alone, his statistics will be impressive enough to net him this award.

AS-Ezekiel Elliot. He seems to be the consensus pick because of the Cowboys outstanding offensive line. He will rush for 1000+ with 7 touchdowns.

Defensive Rookie of the Year

DH-Leonard Floyd. He fits perfectly into their 3-4 scheme and the Bears desperately needed a pass rusher which is exactly what Floyd will bring to the team.

AA– DeForest Buckner. Buckner was my favorite defensive draft prospect outside of Jalen Ramsey, who also could win this award, but I go with the DE from Oregon because I’m confident in his explosiveness off the edge. I think he’s the next elite pass rusher in the NFL, and this year should be the first step into that journey.

AS-Vernon Hargreaves. He’s a terrific cover guy despite his height. Think he’ll do great this year and take the award.

Comeback Player of the Year

DH-Le’Veon Bell. He had a season ending injury last year and even with the 4 game suspension he will lead all backs in receiving and will still be argued as the best back in the league.

AS-Jordy Nelson. Sidelined all year with a torn ACL last season, we didn’t see him play. Jordy will help his packers offense and get tons of targets from Aaron Rodgers.

NFC North Champion

DH-Green Bay Packers. Green Bay will own the division until Rodgers retires. It’s that simple.

AA– Green Bay Packers. Green Bay has been blessed with the most talented QB to ever play and still have only given Aaron Rodgers the supporting cast to get to the Super Bowl once, which is something that people tend to overlook. With that being said, they still are by far the best team in their division, and will probably also get a first round bye.

AS-Green Bay Packers. With the Aaron – Jordy connection back, the Packers offense will once again look great. Their defense is still a question mark but they have a great quarterback so they will be fine. Eddie Lacy has lost a lot of weight so I expect him to be good this year as well.

NFC West

DH-Arizona Cardinals. Many have reservations about the Cards after Palmer’s awful playoff performances but the team had the best offense in the league and an elite secondary. They will still give everyone in the division hell.

AA– Seattle Seahawks. Last year I was all over the Arizona Cardinals from the start, I had such a good feeling about their season and they were the biggest surprise team of the NFL outside of Carolina. This year, I have that same feeling with the Seahawks. Behind MVP Russell Wilson and the best defense in the league, Pete Carroll’s squad of exciting players will win their division and more.

AS-Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals are still there, but I think that Russell Wilson is just going to have a amazing season and lead his boys to a conference title. Seahawks defense is getting slightly underrated by most now as well. They are still very very good.

NFC South

DH– Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are the clear cut obvious best team in the NFC South and with talents like Kelvin Benjamin coming back see no reason why anyone would take them down.

AA-Carolina Panthers. I think a combination of a much more difficult schedule, and other teams improving and having the chance to thoroughly gameplan for the Panthers will result in a major fall in Carolina’s record, but they are still by far the best team in their division, which will result in a second straight divisional crown.

AS– Carolina Panthers. I don’t really see a threat to the Panthers within this division.

NFC East

DH– New York Giants. 9-7 will probably win the division and with Romo missing extended time expect the Giants or Redskins to lead the division this year.

AA– Dallas Cowboys. Going into the NFL Draft, there was a big debate over whether Dallas was going to take Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey, most people’s favorite prospect, or Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott. While I am part of the group of people who think Ramsey will be a superstar, I think taking Elliott was the smart pick.

AS-Washington Redskins. The Redskins have a good offense and a solid defense. That’s more than you can say about any other team in the NFC east.

AFC North

DH-Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals have been for quite some time one of the most talented teams in the NFL that struggles under the big lights but they have been able to win the tough division many times before and Andy Dalton showed a lot of growth last year as an early MVP candidate.

AA-Pittsburgh Steelers. Even with all of the boneheaded suspensions like the ones Le’Veon Bell (4 games) and Martavis Bryant (full season), and their terrible injury luck, the Steelers will win the division, because their roster is that talented. Ben Roethlisberger is still an elite QB, and Antonio Brown is easily the best WR in the NFL right now.

AS-Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals will look like SB contenders in the regular season and falter in the postseason. Just as usual.

AFC West

DH-Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a great defense, a great core of backfield runners, and one of the most reliable QBs in the league with Alex Smith. See them taking the crown with the Broncos falling off.

AADenver Broncos. A lot of people are picking the Oakland Raiders to win the division this year, and while I think they will sneak into a wild card spot, I’m not ready to forget about the Super Bowl champs. Yes, they lost a lot of pieces, but still have an elite defense and an offense that is being overlooked due to the lack of a good QB. Denver has two great WRs in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, as well as a very underrated RB tandem with CJ Anderson and Ronnie Hillman.

AS-I’m going with the Oakland Raiders. It pains me to say that as a Chargers fan, but I believe Oakland is the most talented team in the division. Offensively they are explosive with Murray, Carr, Cooper and Crabtree. Defensively they are good with Mack, Aldon Smith, and newly acquired Sean Smith.

AFC South

DH-Houston Texans. The Texans have an average offense with a running back in Lamar Miller looking to be a star and a defense that has been filling the many holes of the past. It’s a division that could be won with a 9-7 record but the Texans are the most complete team.

AA– Last year, everyone and their grandma thought Andrew Luck would have an MVP season and lead the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl, them winning the division was a given. But what happened? Luck couldn’t stay healthy, and when he was he didn’t play like the elite QB everyone said he was. The many holes in Indy’s roster were exposed, and who won the division? The Houston Texans. While the Colts haven’t made any significant acquisitions, the Texans upgraded at QB, RB, and nobody’s talking about it.

AS-Jacksonville Jaguars. I have little Faith in the Colts defense to stop anybody. The Jags have a explosive young offense and a improved defense

AFC East

DH-New England. It’s been the Pats division for about 15 years. See no reason it should change now.

AA-New England Patriots. Do I really need to explain this pick? The Patriots are the best team in the AFC, and I see no other team that is even slightly above average in the division (sorry, Jets fans).

AS-New England Patriots. It’s the same tired story every year. “_________ will give New England trouble” and it just doesn’t happen. Brady will come back after his suspension and light it up as usual.

AFC Playoff standings

De’Shawn Hornback

1. New England Patriots
2. Cincinnati Bengals
3. Kansas City Chiefs
4. Houston Texans
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Oakland Raiders

Adam Aaronson

1. New England Patriots
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Houston Texans
4. Denver Broncos
5. Oakland Raiders
6. Baltimore Ravens

Ajay Stewart

1. Cincinnati Bengals
2. New England Patriots
3. Oakland Raiders
4.  Jacksonville Jaguars
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
6.  New York Jets

NFC Playoff Standings

De’Shawn Hornback

1. Arizona Cardinals
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Carolina Panthers
4. New York Giants
5. Seattle Seahawks
6. New Orleans Saints

Adam Aaronson

1. Seattle Seahawks
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Carolina Panthers
4. Dallas Cowboys
5. Arizona Cardinals
6. Chicago Bears

Ajay Stewart

1. Seattle Seahawks
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Carolina Panthers
4. Washington Redskins
5. Arizona Cardinals
6. Minnesota Vikings

NFC Championship

DH– Green Bay vs Carolina Panthers

AA-Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

AS-Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

AFC Championship

DH– New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

AA-New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers

AS-Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots

Super Bowl

DH– New England Patriots def. Carolina Panthers

AA-Seattle Seahawks def. New England Patriots

AS– Seattle Seahawks def. Pittsburgh Steelers



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