3 Duos I’d love to see in the NBA

There are many very good duos in today’s league. Such as LeBron-Kyrie, Durant-Steph, CP3-Blake, Kawhi-Aldridge, etc. Most great duos compliment each others play style well, or offer similar play styles that can coexist. So I thought up 3 amazing duos that I think would flourish together, here they are.

Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin

We could actually see this happen pretty soon so watch out guys. This might be the most athletic duo of all time. The two most athletic players at their respective positions, but that isn’t the only great thing about this duo. They both are very good scorers, rebounders, and passers. Then just imagine the two running on the break in transition. The only problem with this duo is that they aren’t known for their great defense. But if they are surrounded by other defensive minded players or they both simply try harder on defense they will be fine.

Predicted combined stats: 47ppg, 17rpg, 14 apg

Chris Paul and Kevin Durant

KD has never played with a pass first point guard. We all know Russell Westbrook is an amazing player and he can fill it up. I would love to see Durant play with a Chris Paul because Paul will make sure KD gets the ball in his spots. I think KD would be an even better scorer and put up even better numbers. CP3 has never played with another great perimeter scorer/player. They would gel very fast and become a legendary duo. If you surround these two with decent role players they become champions period. 

Predicted combined stats: 48 ppg, 14rpg, 15apg

Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony Towns

The potential with this duo is astronomical. If the two of them lived up to its potential it would easily be the most versatile big man duo of all time on offense and defense. Towns can shoot, dribble, finish around the rim, can post up, and can pass pretty well. Davis can do all those things as well but at this point he is a better rim protector. The Kentucky connection would be there already. It just sounds too perfect. For these two to be the spearheads of a championship team all you need are shooters and a point guard who can get them the ball.

Predicted combined stats: 46 ppg, 21 rpg, 6apg


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