12 Players You Should Take in your Fantasy Football Draft this year

Who doesn’t love fantasy football? Well, me, whenever I lose. But in all seriousness, fantasy football is one thing that all fans love and enjoy each year, whether you’re like me and do as many drafts as you are allowed (seriously, I’m drafting right now), or you do one draft with your friends, or your coworkers, or even random strangers. I feel much more confident this year when drafting than I’ve ever felt. This list will take into account where these players usually go in drafts, as well as their expected performance, and the fact that I do PPR (point per reception) drafts. Without further ado, here are 3 players at each position you should seriously consider drafting.



  1. Russell Wilson

Be prepared, because Russell Wilson will have an MVP year this season, so why not win fantasy football games because of it? Not only is he most likely the best scrambler of any QBs in the league right now, but his arm has evolved into an elite one. He’s ESPN’s 3rd highest ranked QB, #50 overall. Assuming you do a standard 10 team league, you can probably get a possible MVP in the 4th round, which is outstanding value.

  1. Tyrod Taylor

From what I’ve seen in 10 team drafts so far, Taylor tends to go in the final 2 rounds of drafts, which, to quote the very quotable Stephen A Smith, “that.. that…  that is BLASPHEMOUS.” He is one of the most talented QBs in the league, and can make plays with his arm and legs. If you snag him as your backup QB at the end of the draft you’re set.

  1. Tony Romo

This one is somewhat risky, but if you have Tony Romo as your backup QB after getting him in the last round or two, you made a great move. He may not stay healthy for all 16 games but I believe he will be reliable in fantasy once again.



  1. CJ Anderson

After Anderson was undeservedly put in ESPN’s top 8 fantasy players last year and didn’t live up to expectations, it seems from the drafts I’ve done so far that fantasy users are wary of taking him. He’s now ranked #40, and if you get him in the middle of the 3rd round it will be a huge steal. He’s going to get a lot of carries this year because of Denver’s QB situation, and will be viewed at season’s end not just as an excellent fantasy RB, but also a top-tier runner in real life.

  1. Rashad Jennings

Jennings, ESPN’s 32nd (32nd!!) ranked Running Back, has always been talented, but never put the pieces together into becoming a great player. Well, something seemed to click at the end of last season, as he tacked on 432 yards in his last 4 games (108 YPG). You can get him with 4 or 5 rounds to go, which you can already argue would be a steal without his end of season outburst last year.

     3. Dion Lewis

Lewis, New England’s breakout star whose season ended early due to a torn ACL, is back and ready to contribute not just in the run game, but mostly in the short passing style that he flourished in with Tom Brady. Now, might his numbers dip through the first 4 games of the season without the greatest QB to ever live throwing him the ball? Well, no. In fact, just the opposite, because you have to assume that New England will rely even more on the short passes that enabled Dion to shine. Anyone who thinks Lewis’ performance was a fluke will see that this season, he is returning with a vengeance.



  1. Keenan Allen

Keep in mind I’m thinking under the rules of PPR, and Keenan Allen is a perfect PPR player. He averaged over 8 receptions per game last season until he was permanently sidelined due to injury. You can get him in the 3rd round, which is great value for a player who is so underrated.  

  1. Kevin White

White, who missed his entire rookie season, is ready to go for his first year. He has so much talent, and combined with his giant 6’4 frame, he is the definition of a matchup nightmare. Combine that with the fact that he has an elite receiver in Alshon Jeffery on his team demanding so much attention from the defense, and you have the perfect formula for a fantasy sleeper.

  1. Josh Gordon

As Josh Gordon, ESPN’s 37th ranked Wide Receiver, comes back from suspension, I think people are forgetting just how good he was. In 2013, playing just 14 games, he caught 87 balls (9 of which were TDs), and racked up 1,646 yards. In case you’re new to the sport, those are PHENOMENAL numbers. Sure, he’s missing 4 games, but he’s so far down ESPN’s list that it’s easily worth the pick.



  1. Zach Ertz

This is another pick specifically made because of PPR rules. Ertz’s receptions, targets and yards have improved greatly every year he’s been in the league, and I think this year could be the one where he makes the jump into becoming a top-tier player at the Tight End position.

  1. Coby Fleener

Fleener always had good stats before he left Indianapolis for New Orleans, but just wait and see what Drew Brees does for his career. Brees can do for Fleener what he did for Jimmy Graham, now ranked as just the 16th best TE by ESPN in Seattle. Expect monster numbers this upcoming season for the Stanford graduate.

  1. Eric Ebron

Right behind Graham in ESPN’s rankings as the 17th Tight End, Ebron will get a lot more targets now that Calvin Johnson has retired. He has a Quarterback with a big arm in Matthew Stafford who will be willing to get him the ball as he adjusts to spreading the ball around more without “Megatron”.
I hope this helps you win your draft and eventually your league, hopefully when I look back at this article in 9 months I don’t look like a complete idiot. Thanks for reading, good luck in your drafts, and make sure to follow @TheLastTimeout on Twitter.


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