What about Jake Ellenberger?

We have a new welterweight champion it seems, but in the shadow of Tyron Woodley’s success, another top welterweight pulled off an amazing feat last night, and nobody seems to be talking about it.


What To Watch For: Robbie Lawler VS Tyron Woodley UFC 201

When Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley face off at July 30th at UFC 201, it will have been almost exactly a year and a half to the day that Tyron Woodley last fought. His opponent Robbie Lawlor has dispatched two opponents in that time span, both in thrilling back and forth affairs, the kind every…

WWE Battleground 2016 Expert Predictions and Analysis

Folks, it is that time once again. It’s the first PPV after the big brand split, and we finally get the Shield triple threat match we’ve all been clamoring for. We’ve got eight matches at the time this is being written, and guess what else? This time, you’re stuck with just me. So, before the…

Holm Versus Shevchenko: A Card With Potential

While it may not have the drawing power of UFC 200, or the knockout power of UFC Fight Night 20, Holm Versus Shevchenko has the potential to be a great card in and of itself. Whether it fulfills that potential is another question entirely. Here we look at the goods, the bads, and the maybes of UFC Fight Night 21: Holm Versus Shevchenko.

Top 5 Point Guards of All Time

   5. John Stockton Stockton was apart of one of the best duos ever with Karl Malone as his running mate. Stockton was an AMAZING passer. Amazing doesn’t even do his passing justice. He led the league in assists for NINE straight seasons. The man averaged 14.5 apg for an entire season, that’s insanely good.…