Top 5 Shooting Guards of All Time



5. Allen Iverson

I am on the record as saying Allen Iverson is by far the most overrated player of all time. His fans make him out to be a top 5 player ever and it is actually the most annoying thing I’ve ever encountered in my life. But back on topic… AI was a GREAT scorer for his size. Iverson has 4 scoring titles and 4 more seasons where he finished in the top 3 for scoring. He wasn’t a good defender but he was very good in the passing lanes. Leading the league in steals 3 times. Iverson has one of the more famous finals runs ever taking the 00-01 76ers to the finals before losing to Shaq and the Lakers. His team wasn’t bad defensively. They just couldn’t score if it wasnt from AI. If he could’ve somehow defeated the Lakers in that series his legacy would’ve skyrocketed in my eyes.

Peak Numbers: (PTS/REB/AST/STL/BLK/FG%) : 28.2/3.8/6.2/2.3/0.2/42%

Career Numbers: 26.7/3.7/6.2/2.2/0.2/42%



4. Jerry West

Was he a point guard? Was he a shooting guard? Man I don’t know what he was, but he’s a shooting guard today. Jerry West went to the NBA finals NINE times people NINE. He only won it once in 1972, though. It wasn’t his fault that his teams lost. He averaged at least 30 ppg in 7 different playoff runs throughout his career. The man was so good in the 69′ finals that he won finals MVP and his team lost. West was another great scorer averaging 27 for his entire career.

Peak Numbers: 28.7/5.8/6.8/NA/NA/47%

Career Numbers: 27.0/5.8/6.7/47%



3. Dwyane Wade

FLASH. The second best player in the famous 03′ draft class behind LeBron James. Prime Wade was one of the more fun players I’ve ever watched play. Wade never really had a jumpshot. He is more of a slasher with a decent mid range jumper. He is apart of two of the weirdest NBA finals ever (06 and 11′). In 06 his Miami Heat were down 0-2 to Dirk and the Mavs. Seriously people… He shot like 400 free throws in the last 4 games of that series. Which led it to be called “rigged” by MANY folks. Then in 11′ him and LeBron James led the new big 3 (Bosh included) to the finals in which LeBron CHOKED. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a superstar of his level choke a big stage like that. That is no detriment on Wades career, though. He is a 3 time champion with a finals MVP on his tab and is known as the best shot blocking guard of all time.

Peak Numbers: 25.6/5.2/6.2/1.8/1.0/49%

Career Numbers: 23.7/4.8/5.8/1.7/0.9/48%



2. Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba. Kobe is one of the most focused and hard-working players we’ve ever seen. He has a work ethic that is second to none. Bryant has 5 NBA championships which cannot be overlooked even though he is known as Robin to Shaq’s Batman in his first 3 rings. Kobe is one of the top 5 perimeter scorers ever. He is top 3 all time in scoring, 10 seasons averaging 25 ppg or more, and he has multiple scoring titles to back it up. Bean even has a season averaging THIRTY FIVE (35) ppg. He was no slouch on defense either, earning 12 defensive first team awards. Bryant will always be remembered as a champion and a lethal scorer.

Peak Numbers: 27.8/5.7/5.2/1.6/0.5/45%

Career Numbers: 25.0/5.2/4.7/1.4/0.5/44%


(Getty Images)


1. Michael Jordan

I don’t even need to explain why this man is number 1. He is THE goat. Jordan was the best scorer of all time EASILY. He’s first all time in regular season and playoff ppg, he has 10 scoring titles, and he’s 4th all time in points. Jordan was also one of the best perimeter defenders of all time. He won defensive player of the year during the 87-88 season. MJ is a 9 time all defensive performer as well. 5x MVP, 6x FMVP, 6x NBA champion… Jordan is the best shooting guard ever.


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