Predictions for top free agents

Free agency is the most fun time of the off-season for most NBA junkies. It offers lots of excitement knowing big names could be moved at any moment. This year’s crop of free agents is pretty good. Players like KD, Mike Conley, Hassan Whiteside, Dirk Nowitzki, Demar Derozan and Al Horford. Where will they all land?

Kevin Durant: Unrestricted

KD is easily the most sought after free agent in this year’s class. Durant has already set up meetings with the Warriors, Clippers, Celtics, Heat, Spurs and of course the Thunder. You don’t have to worry about “fit” with KD. He’s Kevin Durant… He fits on any team, in any system with whoever is surrounding him player wise.

Prediction: Re-Signs with Oklahoma City

Demar Derozan: Unrestricted

Derozan is going to demand max money wherever he lands. The rumors all season were that he would leave Toronto and take a max deal from the LA Lakers in the off-season. I am one those people who watched the postseason and decided that I personally wouldn’t give Derozan a max deal. Derozan will still get max money because of his regular season averages of 23.5 ppg, 4.5 rpg, and 4.0 apg.

Prediction: Re-Signs with Toronto

Hassan Whiteside: Unrestricted

There are many teams in contention for the services of Mr. Whiteside. The shot blocking 7-footer is also going to demand max money. Teams like Boston, Washington, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and the LA Lakers will be pursuing Hassan. He is going to boost the defense of whatever team he decides to sign with this off-season.

Prediction: Signs with the LA Lakers

Mike Conley: Unrestricted

One of the most underrated players in our league today. Conley is due for a big deal and he will get one this off-season. Conley is smooth on offense and a pest on defense. He makes many teams better on both ends of the floor. San Antonio seems like a perfect fit for Conley but rumors have it that they (SAS) aren’t as interested as people thought.

Prediction: Re-Signs with Memphis

Dwight Howard: Unrestricted

“He’s washed, why would we want him?” Is what im hearing from a lot of fans of teams that want Dwight. He is not washed. He pretty much averaged 14 ppg and 12 rpg with no touches on offense. When he is healthy he is still a top 5 rim protector in the league. Whoever signs him will most likely be getting a HUGE upgrade at center.

Prediction: Signs with the Boston Celtics

Al Horford: Unrestricted

Horford is a interesting free agent. He isn’t a solidified 4 or 5 because his size (6’10 245lbs). He can step out and shoot the 3 and his mid-range game is very good as well. Horford is also reliable on defensive side of the ball being a major piece of a defense that ranked top 5 this past season. I see him fitting well with Boston or Houston, but in the end I cannot see him leaving Atlanta.

Prediction: Re-Signs with Atlanta

Dwyane Wade AND Dirk Nowitzki: Unrestricted

Can you see DWade in another jersey? No? Me either. Can you see Dirk in another jersey? No? Me either. Both of these veteran stars will most likely re-sign with their respective squads.

Prediction: Wade Re-Signs with Miami, Dirk Re-Signs with Dallas

Chandler Parsons: Unrestricted

Parsons thinks he is worth max money… I know it seems crazy to think that a guy that averaged 14.7 points and 4.7 rebounds can get a max deal but it might happen guys. In his defense he was VERY good when he was healthy this season. He had a 25 game stretch in which he averaged 20-6-3 (via @JoshEberley on twitter).

Prediction: Signs with whoever gives him the max first


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