Top 100 NBA Players of All Time (61-70)

70. Alex English

Best Season:28.7 pts 4.8 rebs 3.8 asts 50.4%FG
Career:24.2 pts 6.2 rebs 4.1 asts 50.7%FG
Peak:5 years 1982-87 27.8 pts 5.5 rebs 4.6 asts 51.4%FG
Accolades:8x All Star (’82-’89) 3x All NBA Team (’82-’83,’89) Scoring Champion (’83)

Alex English was a scoring machine that brought the Denver Nuggets to prominence. He led the Nuggets to the playoffs from 1981 all the way to 1990 as their best player. His best run was in the 1985 playoffs where he led the team to the Western Conference Finals and was eventually taken down by the Los Angeles Lakers, but in the 14 playoff games English played in that postseason he scored at least 30 in 7 out of the total 14 games. He’s often referred to as the greatest Nugget ever and he definitely has a strong case.

69. Chris Mullin

Best Season:26.5 pts 5.9 rebs 5.1 asts 2.1 stls 50.9%FG PER 21.9 10.6 win shaes
Career:18.2 pts 4.1 rebs 3.5 asts 50.9%FG 38.4%3PT
Peak:5 years 1988-93 25.8 pts 5.6 rebs 4.1 asts 52.3%FG 35.4%3PT
Accolades:5x All Star (’89-’93) 4x All NBA team (’89-’92)

Chris Mullin was one of the greatest shooters of all time and was an overall great offensive player. He was the best player out of Run TMC, which was the early 90s trio of Mullin-Tim Hardaway-Mitch Richmond, that tried to beat teams by scoring a hell of a lot of points. Mullin had 5 consecutive seasons averaging at least 25 points and 5 rebounds a game. Injuries ended up causing many issues for Mullin right as he got some great help in Chris Webber out of the draft but things never got going with all of his injuries and he was eventually traded to the Pacers and essentially never heard from again.

68. Dennis Rodman

Previous Rank: 50
Best Season:9.8 pts 18.7 reb 6.4 off. Reb
Career:7.3pts 13 Rebs 4.8 off. Reb
Accolades: 5x NBA Champion(’89-90,’96-’98) 2x All-Star(‘90,92) 2x All-NBA Team(’92,’95) 2x Defensive Player of the Year (’90-’91) 8x All Defensive team(’89-’96) 7x rebounding champion (’92-’98) 22nd All-Time Leader in Rebounds

Why he moved: Dennis Rodman simply did not deserve to be close to the top 50. It’s just that simple. 

Rodman made a career of doing all the things nobody else wanted to do. He rebounded, hustled after every loose ball with no regards as to what would happen to his body, and played lockdown defense. As a rebounder Rodman was second to none. He averaged over 14 rebounds a game in 8 straight years during a time when good big men were all around the league. He would be much higher in career rebounds if it was not for him starting to play at a later age than most. On defense he would do anything to take his matchup out of the game. No matter how unorthodox the method was it worked earning him a DPOY Award. The Pistons have all said that they believe the main reason they won is because Rodman stopped coming off the bench and became a starter for the team. He is a 5-time champion and was a vital piece on each one of those teams.

67. Tony Parker

Best Season:20.3 pts 7.6 asts 52.2%FG PER 23.0
Career:16.6 pts 5.9 asts 49.4%FG 105.9 win shares
Peak:5 years 2008-13 18.9 pts 6.9 asts 50.5%FG PER 21.2
Accolades:4x NBA Champion (’03,’05,’07,’14) Finals MVP (’07) 6x All Star (’06-’07,’09,’12-’14) 4x All NBA Team (’09,’12-’14) All Rookie First Team (’02)

Tony Parker was around for a couple of championships before he started having his own success, but when the 07 Finals came around Tony Parker exploded off the map and reached a who other level he had never been at before. He was a solid player before but from that championship onward he went to another level. He was extremely efficient around the rim and becoming best known for patented floater. His best year came in the 2012-13 season where he averaged 20.3 points per game 52.2% from the field and 7.6 assists. He was considered by many to be one of the leaders in the MVP race but faced some nagging injuries midway through the season hurting his case. What everyone will remember most from that series though is his game winner in game 1 of the NBA Finals over LeBron James.

66. Tracy McGrady

Best Season:32.1 pts 6.5 rebs 5.5 asts 45.7%FG 38.6%3PT PER 30.3 16.1 win shares
Career:19.6 pts 5.6 rebs 4.4 asts 43.5%FG 33.8%3PT PER 22.1 97.3 win shares
Peak:7 years 2000-07 26.9 pts 6.6 rebs 5.4 asts 43.8%FG 34.6%3PT PER 25.0 72.8 win shares

Tracey McGrady was something special to see out on the floor. He could do just about anything. He could create his own shot, drive and finish with contact around the rim, knock down threes, pass, defend, rebound, and just about everything you could think of. McGrady had his best years during his stint with the Orlando Magic and the Houston Rockets. His prime was in his time in Orlando where he played with another injury riddled player in Grant Hill. Hill always got hurt when the team needed him most putting most of the weight upon McGrady’s shoulders in the playoffs and sadly just couldn’t ever get it done. In Houston he was part of one of the greatest winning streaks in history when Houston went on a 22 win streak during the regular season. Paired with yet another injury riddled player in Yao Ming the team never got out of the first round and it’s hard to blame Tracy for most of those years when he had stellar playoff performances. Of course we all know him best for his famous 13 points in 35 seconds against the San Antonio Spurs.

65. Blake Griffin

Best Season:24.1 pts 9.5 rebs 3.9 asts 52.8%FG PER 23.9 12.2 win shares
Career:21.5 pts 9.6 rebs 4.0 asts 52.1%FG PER 22.8
Peak:3 years 2013-16 22.8 pts 8.6 rebs 4.6 asts 51.3%FG PER 23.2
Accolades:5x All Star (’11-’15) 4x All NBA Team (’12-’15) Rookie of the Year (’11) All Rookie First Team(’11)

Blake Griffin might be higher than you would expect on this list but the man has done a lot in a short amount of time. He came into the league as a straight dunker and not much else, but even as a straight dunker the man averaged 22.5 points per game, 12.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and doing so while shooting 50.6% from the field. That was only as a rookie. Then in the 2013-14 season Blake Griffin ended up finishing 3rd in the MVP race after keeping the Clippers afloat while Chris Paul was out from an injury. Blake has been an amazing passer and scorer in the NBA and I fully expect Blake to end up as a top 50 player of all time.

64. Chris Bosh

Best Season:24.0 pts 10.8 rebs 51.8%FG PER 25.0
Career:19.2 pts 8.5 rebs 49.4%FG PER 20.6
Peak:4 years 2008-12 21.0 pts 9.3 rebs 49.8%FG PER 21.5
Accolades:2x NBA Champion (’12-’13) 11x All Star 2x All NBA Team (’04,’11) All Rookie First Team (’04)

Chris Bosh has had a weird career arc. He started out as the main option for a struggling Toronto team that was lucky to make the playoffs, then later turned into a 3rd option alongside one of the best duos in history, and is currently struggling to get on the court recently when he is probably the best player on the team. In Toronto he was an elite all around scorer and solid rebounder attempting to lead Toronto to some sort of prominence, but to no avail. He will be remembered most for his time as the third wheel in Miami and that is not an insult. The team went to the finals 4 straight seasons and Bosh was a major reason for that.

63. Paul Pierce

Best Season:26.1 pts 6.9 rebs 3.2 asts 44.2%FG 404%3PT
Career:20.0 pts 5.7 rebs 3.6 asts 44.5%FG 36.9%3PT
Peak:5 years 2000-05 24.4 pts 6.7 rebs 4.0 asts 43.3%FG 35.4%3PT
Accolades:NBA Champion (’08) Finals MVP (Should’ve been KG’s)10x All Star (’02-’06,’08-’12) 4x All NBA Teams (’02-’03,’08-’09) All Rookie First Team (’99)

Paul Pierce has been the face of the Celtics for the past 15 years. If you ask fans that grew up loving basketball in the past 15 years he is who they will identify with. Pierce has been had a strong career in Boston, but struggled for a long time unable to ever get 50 wins with the team and missed the playoffs 4 times out of the first 9 years of his career. Then in the 2007-08 season the Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The three together clicked almost immediately. The team won a title and Paul Pierce is best remembered for his “horrendous injury” that forced him to be taken out on a wheelchair, and came back into the game a few minutes later giving Boston a huge boost to push forward and win the series.



62. Wes Unseld

Best Season:14.1 pts 16.9 rebs 4.0 asts 50.1%FG 10.0 win shares
Career:10.8 pts 14.0 rebs 3.9 asts 50.9%FG 110.1 win shares
Peak:3 years 1968-71 14.7 pts 17.3 rebs 3.3 asts 49.9%FG 31.9 win shares
Accolades:NBA Champion (’78) Finals MVP (’78) MVP (’69) 5x All Star (’69,’71-’73,’75) All NBA Team (’69) Rookie of the Year (’69) Rebounding Leader (’75)

Wes Unseld made an impact right out the gates in the NBA improving the Baltimore Bullets from a 36 win team to a 57 win team, earned rookie of the year, was selected to the All NBA First Team, and won MVP all in his first season. Needless to say he came out the gates on fire. Wes Unseld was a force on defense with his ability to shut down his opponent and alter shots at the rim. On offense he was one of the best passing big men of all time and when it comes to outlet passes the only player who is even in the same stratosphere as Unseld is Kevin Love. Unseld is forgotten in history often because of his impact early in his career but he definitely deserves to be remembered as an all time great.

61. Chris Webber

Best Season:24.5 pts 10.1 rebs 4.8 asts 1.7 stls 1.4 blks 49.5%FG PER 24.4
Career:20.7 pts 9.8 rebs 4.2 asts 1.4 stls 1.4 blks 47.9%FG PER 20.9
Peak:4 years 1999-03 24.8 pts 10.6 rebs 4.7 asts 1.5 stls 1.5 blks 47.9%FG PER 23.3
Accolades:5x All Star (’97,’00-’03) 5x All NBA Team (’99-’03) Rookie of the Year (’94) Rebounding Leader (’99)

Chris Webber seems more to be known for his days in the Fab Five during his college days at Michigan rather than his NBA career. Do not be mistaken though, Chris Webber was a stat sheet stuffer during his prime and came on to the scene early winning Rookie of the Year as a Warrior. Webber was only a Warrior for a single season though, as he hated the lineups Nelson ran with Webber at the center more than he liked, and got out of Golden State as soon as humanly possible. He went to Washington where he had some good years, but the team was not really going anywhere. The best the team had to show for it’s time with Webber was a first round sweep to the Bulls. Webber was later traded to the Kings who Webber initially despised as the Kings were known as pretty much just losers. That would soon all change. With Webber at the helm, the Kings improved steadily year by year, and each passing year they seemed to get closer and closer to winning a title. Sadly, the championship opportunity never came to be despite a very good season during the 2001-02 season. The Kings fell in an extremely controversial game 6 that they had control of, and they later lost the series in a game 7 that nobody remembers.


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