Sports Questions and Answers with Adam #1


Yesterday (I’m writing this on 6/22) I said on Twitter to ask any sports questions and I’d answer as many as I could. The questions can be about baseball, basketball or football. I’m going to try and group similar questions together. Let’s get started.

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The topic asked about most is the NBA Draft, which I will be attending for the 5th time. @LandOfThe12s and @heatfan4agez are curious how I think Ben Simmons will perform in the NBA, and my answer is that he won’t be a superstar, but will be a star. Even if he never becomes a good shooter, he’ll be one of the 10 best players in the league for a long time. @HeatNation2K wants to know who my top 2 favorite prospects in the draft are. Simmons is the best prospect in my eyes, but not by far. Kris Dunn out of Providence looks to me like he’ll be a perennial All-Star. His play style is similar to that of John Wall or Eric Bledsoe. I think he and Simmons will be miles ahead of anyone else in this class. @jferbsteelers asks for some player comparisons. I put this list on my Twitter (@adamaaronson) earlier, but here it is: (Note: the comparisons are players who have similar play styles, I’m not referring to their skill levels)

Ben Simmons- Giannis Antetokounmpo/Draymond Green/Magic Johnson

Brandon Ingram- Rudy Gay/Harrison Barnes/Nicolas Batum

Jamal Murray- JJ Redick/Manu Ginobili

Buddy Hield- Jamal Crawford

Kris Dunn- John Wall/Eric Bledsoe/Emmanuel Mudiay

Dragan Bender- Pau Gasol/Nikola Mirotic/Jared Sullinger

Jaylen Brown- Rudy Gay/Andre Iguodala

Marquese Chriss- Aaron Gordon

Henry Ellenson- Thad Young

Denzel Valentine- Danny Green/Evan Turner

@austin_harvill would like to know what I think Kevin Durant will do in Free Agency this summer. What he will (and should) do is sign a 1 year contract with OKC and give it one more go, and if they don’t get past Golden State, decide to walk away from the Thunder.

@Clutch_Combat asks what the Celtics’ record will be next season. I think it’s too early to project a win-loss record, but I’d say they’ll be either the 3rd or 4th seed in the Eastern Conference.

@FauxBennett83 asks me what city is the saddest when it comes to sports. I know the Cavs just won the NBA Finals, but I’d still have to go with Cleveland.

@HeatNation2K asks if I believe in the Tooth Fairy… What does he mean? Why wouldn’t I believe in the Tooth Fairy? Is there something you all know that I don’t?

@Gaganfder asks what I think the Patriots’ record will be with Jimmy Garrapolo at QB, assuming Tom Brady serves his suspension. My guess would be 3-1.

@Colt2822_ asks an interesting question, and it’s concerning what might be the most poorly-run franchise in all of sports, the Brooklyn Nets. He wants to know, what do they need to do to get back in shape? My answer is: trade everyone for picks. Old or young, cheap or expensive, they need to get as many picks as possible because they don’t have any and it’s the only way to get better. The only other thing they can do is try to sign under the radar Free Agents.

Now for a few baseball questions. @AGSkinz asks my opinion on the Kershaw vs. Arrieta debate, who is the best pitcher in baseball? Before I make my pick, I’d like to put it out there that I am a huge fan of Arrieta. But with that being said, I still would take Kershaw. He’s just been so dominant for so long, I can’t take anyone over him. @TroutPls asks if the Angels should trade Mike Trout to help fix their farm system, that’s rough to say the least. While they need to fix the problem somehow, this isn’t the answer. I don’t know if any team has good enough prospects to give the Halos the value Trout is worth. He also wants to know what the Phillies need to become a playoff team. I think that dream is over for 2016, but if Matt Klentak and the rest of the front office want to make a push for the postseason next year, three upgrades need to be made: first, we need a consistent and experienced starter. He doesn’t need to be an ace, but just someone who you can trot out every 5 games and be confident he has a great chance of getting a win. Next, we need a corner outfielder who can hit 30 HRs and keep a good average. Then, an upgrade needs to be made at 2nd Base, Cesar Hernandez just isn’t good enough anymore.

@Professor_Chum asks who choked more- the 2016 Warriors, or 2007 Patriots? This one is easy, Golden State. Not only did they have 3 chances to close the series and didn’t, but it took the definition of a miracle in the “Helmet Catch” to beat New England. @TroutPls asks who I think will be the MVP of Super Bowl 51. I think the matchup will be league MVP Russell Wilson and the Seahawks going up against Tom Brady and the Patriots, and Wilson will lead his team to victory, most likely capturing the Big Game’s MVP award as he does so.

One more question for today, and it is once again coming from @TroutPls. He wants to know my thoughts on the 2 trades that happened this afternoon. In case you’re somehow unaware, Derrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks, and there was a 3 way trade involving Jeff Teague and George Hill.

The Knicks-Bulls trade in its entirety was:

Bulls receive- Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon

Knicks receive- Derrick Rose

I think the deal was a win-win. New York gets a much needed upgrade at Point Guard, and the Bulls get to turn to a new direction.

The Jeff Teague trade went down like this:

Pacers receive- Jeff Teague

Jazz receive- George Hill

Hawks receive- 12th pick

The Pacers did a good job of upgrading their PG, and Atlanta did a better job, now being able to extend Dennis Schroeder’s contract, and use this pick on a player at a position of need, or package it with their own pick to move up in the draft. But the Jazz made a big mistake here, they did not get close to what the 12th pick was worth.
That wraps it up for today. If you made it through the whole thing, thanks a ton for reading, hope you enjoyed. Make sure to follow me on Twitter so you know when I do one of these again, and follow TheLastTimeout so you know when any article goes up on the site.


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