Roman Reigns Suspended: What Happens Now?

(WWE Network)

(WWE Network)

Huge news dropped earlier today, Roman Reigns, the man who was just WWE Champion two days ago has been suspended due to violation of the Wellness policy. No one ever expected this to happen for a variety of reasons, one being that many doubted the legitimacy of the Wellness Policy, and they’re suspending a huge guy in the company. In addition to this, Roman has a big triple threat coming up, so,

What Happens Now?

(WWE Network)

(WWE Network)

Well Roman was in the triple threat at Battleground, and he technically still could because his suspension ends on July 20th, and BattleGround isn’t until July 24th. The problem I see with this is that this leaves him with no momentum going into the match, and that would make people dislike him even more, because he gets a title shot even after a suspension.

Let’s rule out the possibility of him remaining in the match.

This is actually pretty exciting for some fans, for one it pushes the Shield Triple Threat to SummerSlam, where it should have been in the first place. It also gives Dean one title defense before he will(probably) lose it to one of the two other former S.H.I.E.L.D members. But this still leaves another question, who will the title defense be against? Will they just make it Seth vs Dean, will they insert another competitor to replace Roman? Will this feud be able to continue after the Brand Extension, or will they be separated?

First we are going to go through what will probably happen if it is just Seth vs Dean.

Leading up to this they will make an announcement probably saying that Roman is out of the match and it will proceed with only Seth and Dean. They will have a revival of their feud when Rollins was champion but almost the other way around, Dean is still doing his wacky antics, but as champion. We already know that these two are capable of having an amazing and entertaining rivalry, Seth could sit at ringside during matches of Deans. Dean could have his first Ambrose Asylum as Champion and either Seth could be his guest or Seth could attack him after the show. Finally at Battleground, at that point maybe Triple H is back, he could maybe try and help Seth win but he ends up costing him the match somehow, which would be a great transition into a second match for Seth, and it would allow Seth to also have his baby face turn we have all been waiting for against Triple H. The next Raw Roman can return with a spear to Dean during a backstage interview or an edition of The Ambrose Asylum, turning him heel when meanwhile Seth is turning face against Triple H All of this ultimately is able to lead up to the Shield Triple Threat at SummerSlam.

(WWE Network)

(WWE Network)

Next we are going to look at the possibility of them replacing Roman with someone.

I’m more of a fan of the first option because it is able to give a better transition but we will go over this as well. Maybe they can replace Roman with someone else. I mean look at all the stars that have been rumored to come with the new Brand Extension, or we could get a younger guy with momentum, Apollo Crews, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn. Anyone like this would work. They could be inserted in the math after winning a replacement Number One Contenders match and it becomes a triple threat again. I would still have the main feud be between Dean and Seth but someone like Kevin Owens would be entertaining in a feud like this. These three would be able to do amazing mic work. Also Dean’s antics, Kevin Owens’ arrogant “I’m better than you” gimmick against Seth being very serious at this point would be really entertaining to watch. Ultimately I would have the same outcome, Dean wins, with the Triple H interference, Dean pins Seth, what this does is it makes Seth look like he didn’t cause himself to lose, It doesn’t make Romans replacement in the match look weak because he didn’t get pinned, and I would still have Roman execute the heel turn the best night.

So many possibilities! Despite this bad scenario for the WWE they have the potential to make this bad thing into a great storyline. Hopefully they are able to capitalize on this unfortunate situation.

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