NXT Takeover: The End Expert Predictions 

The next NXT Takeover show is happening this Wednesday on the WWE NetWork, and if ha a variety of great matches. This show, titled “NXT Takeover: The End” has 5 amazing matches set up that are sure not to disappoint. So without any more wait, here are Nick and Andrew’s expert predictions for the highly anticipated upcoming NXT event, NXT Takeover: The End



 Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Nick- I’ve got Samoa Joe retaining here. Joe recently took the title from Finn Balor at a live show after Balor had been a great champion for quite some time. Plus, if the rumors are true about Balor being called up to the main roster soon, that would be an even bigger reason to let Samoa Joe retain. If the torch is going to properly be given to Samoa Joe, he needs to win.

Andrew- I need Samoa Joe to retain, as much as I wat Joe on the main roster, there is more of a place for Finn on the main roster at this moment. Samoa Joe should stay in NXT for a bit longer, and come up around the brand split. This match is going to be absolutely amazing 



 Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Nick- I’m putting my prediction on Asuka to retain also. She’s the one that took the title from Bayley and put her on the shelf. I don’t think she’ll lose the title before Bayley comes back and gets her proper rematch. Asuka’s been rolling through everyone that’s been put in her path, and I don’t think Nia will be any different.

Andrew- Nia Jax for sure, Asuka is a monster and has been presented as such. But if Nia Jax loses to Asuka it’s just not believable. Nia Jax should be and hopefully will be presented as a monster in NXT and on the main roster. 



 American Alpha vs. The Revival

Nick- Once again, I see another title being retained here. I think that American Alpha is going to retain the titles because they’ve just taken the tag titles from The Revival and they deserve a legitimate title reign. They’ve worked well as a team up until this point, but they still need to establish themselves as champions.

Andrew- I see American Alpha retaining, they haven’t been champions for very long and in my opinion they deserve a good title reign. Also, The Revival have no reason to win, American Alpha have been on a roll and I see no reason to stop it.



 Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Austin Aries

Nick- Nakamura is riding a huge wave of success right now. At the last NXT Takeover show, he defeated Sami Zayn in an instant classic. Given that he’s got so much momentum heading into this match, I think he will go over here against Austin Aries. Both men are great, world-renowned wrestlers, and I’m sure they will put on another instant classic against each other. This way, when one man loses, it won’t feel like a huge loss at all because they will probably have beaten the hell out of each other in the process.

Andrew- I don’t want to decide the winner to this match. Both men need this win, Nakamura has been and deserves to be a monster in NXT and when he gets to the main roster, and Austin Aries is simply amazing and deserves an uppercard push. Despite this, I choose Nakamura, but in a very long and impressive match so neither man looks weaker than the other.



 Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Tye Dillinger

Nick- Definitely Almas. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this debut, and it’s become pretty anticipated. Once he finally makes his presence felt at Takeover, I’m betting he’ll run right through Tye Dillinger.

Andrew- I hate how they’re making Tye Dillinger look weak, almost as a mini jobber, but with Andrade coming onto the scene I feel they’re going to make him look very strong, very impressive so they can pose him for better things in the future. I choose Andrade “Cien” Almas for sure.

That’s all! Our predictions for NXT Takeover: The End. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.
Want to debate on Twitter? You can follow Nick @NickAintBad, and Andrew @LegendaryAndre3. Thanks for reading!


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