5 Wrestlers That Would Be Good 2016 Money in the Bank Participants

“Hey, wasn’t there supposed to be a seventh Money In The Bank entrant?”, we said. “Shhhh”, says WWE. “You must’ve just dreamt it. Now go back to bed and don’t re-watch the Raw after Extreme Rules. That poster never happened.”

Now, we don’t know whether they just re-used the visual aid from last year’s Money In The Bank buildup or if they really plan on putting in a seventh member of the match. As it stands right now, this year’s Money In The Bank ladder match will feature Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, and Alberto Del Rio. The missing seventh silhouette from the match poster may have just been a mistake, but here at The Last Timeout, we like to imagine some crazy things. So, here are five WWE Superstars that would fill spot number seven very well.

1. Bray Wyatt

Yeah, I know he was recently injured, but I’m thinking that if they took away the seventh silhouette to give us a surprise entrant, it would mean a big return from someone. Also, Bray recently sent out a tweet with the hashtag “The Return”, which could mean a big return at Money In The Bank. Bray would make a great entrant into this match. If there’s anyone on the roster who deserves a title opportunity, it’s Bray Wyatt. Bray has been a staple of the main event scene for years. He’s constantly fed losses when it comes to big matches. It’s about time WWE finally gives him the championship opportunity he’s always come so close to, but hasn’t gotten.

2. Randy Orton

Noticing a theme yet? Randy Orton is another example of a Superstar that is due back soon and could return as a member of the MITB ladder match. Not only would he add some excitement to the match, but he could turn it into an absolute RKO fest. Whether or not he would win would be up for debate, but he is another Superstar that is constantly in the main event picture. If WWE is looking to bring him back and immediately put him in contention for the gold, Money In The Bank is one of the best ways to do it. He’s familiar with winning MITB matches, so who’s to say he can’t win again this year?

3. Neville

Ahhh, Neville. Just think about how great he could make this match. I mean, he wouldn’t win, but think about it! What this match needs is a really good high-flyer. Sami Zayn would probably be good for that as well, but Neville is capable of so many amazing stunts and high-flying maneuvers. It’ll be disappointing not seeing him win, but just let him do some of his flippy-doos and everyone wins!

4. Tyson Kidd

Okay, full disclosure, this one’s a bit of a stretch. Many of you already know that Tyson suffered a devastating neck injury at a WWE Live event at the hands of Samoa Joe on June 1st, 2015, and whether or not he’ll even be coming back at all is a toss-up. Coming back to an immediate ladder match is even less likely. However, if he does come back, I’m sure he would do well in a match like this. He’s fast, he’s agile, and he has lots of potential that WWE still has yet to see. Mr. Money In The Bank? That name could certainly do him some justice.

5. Finn Balor

Since the formation of The Club in WWE and his loss of the NXT Championship, it’s been rumored all over the place that Finn Balor will soon be called up to the main roster. Not only would he make a great addition to the roster, but he would also make a great addition to this ladder match. He has the ability to captivate audiences, and winning the MITB briefcase on his first night could skyrocket his WWE career. He would even make a great WWE champion if he were to cash in the briefcase at some time in the next year. Imagine the possibilities! Perhaps a championship victory with a proper Balor Club formation is in the near future?

So, those are my thoughts? Do you like them? Disagree? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought! You can also follow me on Twitter @NickAintBad and follow our website @TheLastTimeout. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time!



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