How WWE Should Have Booked: Dolph Ziggler After Survivor Series 2014

  The WWE has missed a lot of opportunities over the years, whether it is the obvious ones like the invasion or the nexus or damien sandow,. You just can tell when something is off with a booking decision. People could tell this with the way WWE booked Dolph Ziggler after his performance at Survivor Series 2014.

If you have never watched the survivor series match at the 2014 Survivor Series Pay Per-View, go watch it now. It was an amazing match, constantly exciting. It had the turn of Big Show, the talents like Rusev, John Cena, Ryback, Seth Rollins, and the debut of the Icon Sting. But, disregarding all of the other amazing moments of this match, we are here to focus on Dolph Ziggler. In this match he outnumbered 3-1, he was all alone. He fought back and with the help of Sting he pinned Seth Rollins later to win the match for his team and put the authority out of power. Many people believed that he was booked badly and because of this stellar performance, a push was in store, but it never happened.

 So, here is How WWE Should Have Booked Dolph Ziggler after Survivor Series 2014.

The actual event itself leave it as it was, the match was great the story was great and it had some amazing spots. So, after Survivor Series we immediately put Ziggler into a feud, not with Luke Harper and the authority like last time. But with the WWE Champion, bloody hell… It’s Brock Lesnar… But Ziggler won’t be alone in these matches, John Cena and the whole Team Cena have a debt to pay to Ziggler for saving their jobs and putting the authority out of power singlehandedly(with the help of Sting of course but ignore that). Cena and the team continue and continue to try and get Ziggler opportunities at the title, they try on Raw after Survivor Series and then on SmackDown.

Then on the second Raw after Survivor Series he finally gets a match against Roman Reigns to get a spot in the WWE World HeavyWeight Championship match. This match takes place on that Raw, and with the help of Cena and the rest of that team, Ziggler beats Reigns. At TLC, Lesnar has to defend his championship against Ziggler. Lesnar is destroying Ziggler when Cena and the rest of the team come down the ramp, They distract Lesnar and allow Ziggler to get up who rolls Lesnar up, he kicks out at 2 because he is Brock god damn Lesnar and then Ziggler has the upper hand so he picks up Lesnar and turns him around and hits the Zig Zag. He pins Lesnar, 1-2-3. Ziggler won the World HeavyWeight Championship.

 Ziggler continues to have matches on Raw, SmackDown etc. and he can’t seem to win without the help of Team Cena. He continues to feud with Lesnar, Dolph Ziggler enters for a match on Raw but gets attacked by Lesnar and destroyed before Team Cena grabs Lesnar but Lesnar beats every single one of them up. Then at Royal Rumble, we have Rollins vs Ziggler and Ziggler again wins with the Help of Team Cena but Cena almost cost him when he went to go give advice to Ziggler and Rollins came from behind. That night during the actual Royal Rumble, Lesnar enters at 18, he goes on an absolute tear, eliminating 8 men. It’s the final two, Lesnar and Reigns, and then all of a sudden, Team Cena comes out with Ziggler, they distract Lesnar and he is nearly thrown out. But instead Lesnar is simply thrown through the middle rope by Reigns. Team Cena looks at him and starts to beat him down. Cena and Ryback walk away and start to grab weapons but Lesnar powers through Rowan and Ziggler and hits the F5 on both of them before Cena and Ryback are even able to react. Cena runs at Lesnar right into a German Suplex and then Lesnar turns around and immediately delivers an F5 to Ryback. He looks at the entire fallen Team Cena and then climbs back in the ring to get his 9th elimination on Roman Reigns. Brock Lesnar has won the Royal rumble, he points at Dolph Ziggler who has just gotten up, and the WrestleMania sign. 

In the build up to WrestleMania we see Team Cena and Ziggler getting impatient with eachother. Team Cena tries to help Ziggler but ends up costing him matches, at FastLane in a title defense against Roman Reigns, Team Cena doesn’t show up to help Ziggler when he gets hit with a spear. Roman goes for the pin, and almost gets the win but Ziggler kicks out… On his own. He then comes back to win the match with a Zig Zag, only to be attacked by Lesnar after the match. Ziggler on the next Raw comes to the ring to try and talk to Team Cena, he talks and says, “I know we have been having struggle recently, but we are brothers, we need to help eachother”. They agree, Lesnar and Ziggler continue to have a feud, Lesnar takes Ryback and starts to beat him up in the ring while he’s tied up and Ziggler has to save him. Then the next week Ziggler and Team Cena takes Heyman and they start to torture him and Lesnar has to save him. Then on the Raw before WrestleMania, Team Cena has a handicap match against Lesnar, which Team Cena wins, after the match they beat him up and Ziggler comes out to laugh at Lesnar.

At WrestleMania, we have the normal match but with more spots. Ziggler and Lesnar are putting on a fair and even match. Ziggler is fending off Lesnar alone. Kicking out of F5’s and Suplexes. Then we have the big moment for Seth Rollins, he cashes in. It isn’t a quick win for Rollins though, as Team Cena now realizes it’s a Triple Threat so no disqualifications. They come out after the cash in and start to beat up Lesnar, as Seth nearly pins Ziggler. Seth goes to focus on Lesnar as Ziggler is furious at the team for not stopping Rollins. Ziggler starts to yell at the Team, and then Rowan snaps, he attacks Ziggler and delivers big clotheslines. Ryback pulls Rowan back and whispers something to him, Rowan smiles and they both start to beat up Ziggler, John Cena looks down as joins them to destroy Ziggler, yelling “Ungrateful” and other PG insults. Ziggler is taken out of the match and Rollins is able to pin Lesnar to win the championship. 

Then on Raw after Mania, Ziggler announces he wants his rematch at Extreme Rules, which he gets. He has a feud with Seth Rollins, similar to the one Rollins had with Ambrose, but this feud truly works because of the previous Authority vs Cena match .While at the same time he feuds with Team Cena. In the next weeks leading up to Extreme Rules, Ziggler is losing matches due to interference from Team Cena. Team Cena continues to say that “Ziggler can’t win on his own”. Ziggler at Extreme Rules has his match against Seth Rollins, which is a long and intense match. Team Cena distracts Ziggler allowing Rollins to catch Roll him up to hit the SuperKick but Ziggler avoids it and ducks under him allowing Ziggler to turn Rollins around and hit the Zig Zag. He pins, 1-2-3. Ziggler has won the match, all on his own without help. This not only solidifies him as a top player, but takes away the at that point growing thought that he can’t win on his own. After this I would have him lose his title to Rollins after a month or two. But do this while still keeping him as a legitimate top player, put him in the InterContinental Championship ranks and allow him to thrive as he so deserves.

Do you agree with how I would have booked Dolph Ziggler? Tell me if so in the comments 

You can also see me on Twitter here: @CSDSportsNews , and the website here: @TheLastTimeout. Thank you for reading, And I’ll see you soon.


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