WWE Brand Split Expert Predictions



 Huge news dropped today, there will be a brand split! A unique roster will be drafted to each show, Raw on Mondays and SmackDown with a new night on Tuesdays.

So, here we are with our Predictions for This Brand Split. 

Who will run what show?

Nick- You know, many moons ago, Stephanie McMahon was once the general manager of Smackdown. Considering they’re doing this whole thing where Shane and Stephanie are both running WWE, I think that Stephanie will go back to her “roots” and run Smackdown. Shane still has lots of star quality, and I think he’ll stay on WWE’s flagship show (which, by the way, will still be Raw). 

Andrew- Shane was given Raw by Vince at Payback, and Stephanie only stepped in last minute. So I think they will keep Shane with Raw because he “earned it”, and Stephanie with SmackDown because she didn’t.

How will the storyline go?

Nick- I don’t really know how long they’re gonna keep up the whole “Let’s get along and work together” bit between Shane and Stephanie. I think the two will constantly be trying to “one-up” each other, and it’ll lead to a big showdown, probably at Survivor Series. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they did another Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown thing, which would ultimately boil over into Wrestlemania and beyond.

Andrew- If they do what I feel like they’re going to do it will be boring, but since they announced it what I was thinking is that they wouldn’t even do a storyline, just a random brand split. But if they do, I think it will be shane and Stephanie start arguing, leading to a brand split, Triple H backs Stephanie and at Shane will feud with Triple H who is running SmackDown, and at SummerSlam its Triple H vs Shane McMahon.

Will Roman stay champion?

Nick- Why wouldn’t he? I don’t see why not. If they don’t create a second world title for the Superstars to fight over, I think they would let Roman appear on both shows if they choose to let one champion represent the company.

Andrew- If they keep do two champioships, yes he definitely will be champion of one of the brands. If they do one world championship, I think Roman won’t be, Seth is back, Cena is coming back, Orton will be back, and many rising stars will take Romans place soon.

Who will be the first champions?

Nick- Hmmm, interesting…Well, considering the brand split won’t be happening until mid-July, a lot can change from now until then. I’m betting Roman Reigns will still be WWE Champion for sure. I also imagine that John Cena will have beaten Rusev to become U.S champ by this point. Lastly, I think Enzo and Cass will be tag team champions by that point. Mark my words, people.

Andrew- I’m doing this presuming there is two world championships. On SmackDown we have Roman Reigns as world champion, and then on Raw we have one of the returners at the time, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins. The Us Champion will probably be either John Cena, maybe he will be hosting open challenges again. The Intercontinental  champion will probably be someone like Sami Zayn or Cesaro or Corbin, a rising star. The Tag Champions will most likely still be The New Day, or Enzo & Cass. The Women’s Champion will hopefully be Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch, considering they are more deserving of the gold in my opinion.

Is Tuesday a good night?

Nick- Well, if it’s a good night for those in attendance, why wouldn’t it be good for the people at home? Now, I know it’s five hours worth of WWE in two days, but with all the Smackdown spoilers on the Internet after every Tuesday, it might as well be broadcast on Tuesdays already. Also, given that it would be live, it probably wouldn’t be as fixed up and tampered with when it goes to the air.

Andrew- Considering the only competition on Tuesday nights is TNA Impact, and that is going downhill if anything(I’m not bashing TNA I like TNA but it’s the truth), I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good night. It’s better than it not being live, and the only downside is the five hours in two days, but fans of multiple promotions do that every week either way, so I think Tuesday will be a fine night for SmackDown.

Lastly, Do you like the brand split?

Nick- I think Smackdown was due to really be revitalized, and this could very well do it. It’s certainly a way of getting people invested in Smackdown again. I do think that it will make filling three hours on Raw with good content more difficult and may jeopardize its viewership again, but, I guess we’ll see what happens.

Andrew- I think it’s a good idea and a bad idea. It’s a bad idea because personally I think their roster might not be deep enough for this brand split, it could be if they play their cards right but it might not be. It’s a good idea because it will make SmackDown important again and both shows will have meaning, increasing viewership on both SmackDown and Raw.

That’s it! Our predictions and analysis of the new Brand Split. Do you agree? Argue in the comments.

If you want more from us you can follow Andrew @CSDSportsNews and Nick @NickAintBad or the website @TheLastTimeout on Twitter. Thanks for reading, and we will see you soon.


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