WWE Extreme Rules Expert Predictions

Extreme Rules… The most extreme event of the year(Not really). This year we have a lot of matches to look forward to, including the main event Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles, The Asylum Match between Jericho and Ambrose and other matches such as the Women’s match and the Intercontinental Championship fatal four way. So to predict this event,. Two of us came together to compile our expert predictions for this event.

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

Nick: Definitely Baron Corbin. He’s a fresh face on the roster with lots of potential, and he needs this win. Considering he lost to Ziggler last month, I see him getting the win here.

CSD- Baron Corbin for sure, Dolph Ziggler had that Suprise won last month and no one expected that. So my pick is Baron Corbin, to help him gain momentum into a midcard push. Probably for the United States Championhip.

Kalisto vs Rusev

Nick: I think Kalisto is going to retain. As long as they keep throwing big guys at Kalisto, I think he’s going to keep “overcoming the odds”. So, I’m guessing that Rusev is going to face the same fate as Ryback has faced for the past two months.

CSD- This is a tough one, very hard to predict this one in my opinion. We could see Rusev win, leading to a feud against a returning John Cena for the United States Champimonship, or Kalisto could retain leading to a Lucha Dragons feud. My choice after long consideration, and factoring in my hope to win. I choose Kalisto

Gallows and Anderson vs The Usos

Nick: I’m going with a win for Gallows and Anderson, especially since the Usos got the win over them on Raw. I don’t think “The Bloodline” is going to dominate the show, so Gallows and Anderson will probably win.

CSD- God please don’t make the Uso’s win, I don’t have a long explaination for this, but the Usos don’t need it. Make Gallows and Anderson win pushing them to a tag team championship feud and hopefully win, so “The Club” can gain momentum.

IC Title Fatal 4 Way

Nick: I’m gonna go with Kevin Owens. I think that the reason this match is a fatal four way is so that the title can more easily transfer from heel to heel. It’ll also give him and Sami Zayn something bigger to fight over.

CSD- This is a tough choice as well, it could go to anyone in my opinion, hopefully not The Miz, but Kevin Owens would be a great heel champion, Sami Zayn would be a great fan favorite champion, but my choice is Cesaro, because last time he got screwed out of the championship and now it would be even better for him to win it after being screwed last time.

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

Nick: I’m pretty sure Ambrose will get this win. It’s his match, so I think he’ll do pretty well. Also, it seems like Jericho is on his way out, and this might be a bit of a last hurrah.

CSD- I don’t think Jericho stands a chance, he isn’t getting a push anytime soon so I don’t see why he would win this match. It’s also Deans own match, and I would be extremely suprised if he lost a match he created.

New Day vs. Vaudevillains

Nick: I’m going with the New Day to win. The Vaudevillains aren’t as over with the crowd as they should be if they’re going to take the titles at this point. The New Day still has a great gimmick going that still works, and I see them holding the belts for a little longer.

CSD- The New Day is my choice, They are over with the fans and their gimmick is still bearable. Plus the Vaudevilliains are disliked by many  fans. So, The New Day.

Charlotte vs Natalya

Nick: So, even though Ric Flair won’t be at ringside, this is gonna be the match where Charlotte proves she can do well without her dad there. Plus, we’ve seen Charlotte tap out quite a bit to Natalya, so I think this will be where Charlotte finally makes Natalya submit.

CSD- My hope is that Natalya wins, she is a better wrestler in my opinion and deserves that push, but I could also see Charlotte winning without Ric Flair and then Ric comes out to celebrate and Charlotte turns on him.

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles

Nick: Definitely Roman. He’s going to keep that title for as long as he can, even if it means people will still be booing. AJ Styles is a fan favorite, but Roman still won’t be dropping the belt, not for a long time.

CSD- Sadly, my choice is Roman. Although i really believe AJ has more of a chance this month than last month,I still think he will lose. He will probably win until Seth comes back going into that feud. Poor AJ, he deserves the win though.

That’s it! Our expert predictions for Extreme Rules! Do you like our picks? Debate in the comments.

Want more of us. You can find Nick @Nickaintbad and CSD @CSDSportsNews. You can also follow the websites account @TheLastTimeout
Thanks for reading and we will see you soon!


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