Bellator 155 Review and Analysis

(Bellator MMA)

(Bellator MMA)

So, Bellator 155 was last night, and the main event featured Rafael Carvalho defending his middleweight title against Melvin Manhoef. Overall, minus one of the worst decisions in MMA history (I’ll get to that), it was a pretty decent night of fights.

Rafael Carvalho (c) vs. Melvin Manhoef: Middleweight Championship

This fight was nowhere near what anyone expected. Whether you expected a good fight or not, the final decision was a horrendous one. Probably one of the worst in history. Rafael Carvalho defended against veteran fighter, Melvin Manhoef in his first ever championship opportunity throughout his twenty-one year career.

In the first round, only one strike landed. No, I’m not kidding. One kick from Manhoef was the only strike in the first round. The second round was a little strange as well, with Carvalho being reprimanded for a low blow, then continuing to throw some elbows, even when Big John McCarthy was trying to pull him off., He hit Manhoef with another low blow in round three, in addition to being stopped for fighting with open hands. But somehow, he managed to go without a point deduction, which is absolutely beyond me. In the last two rounds, Carvalho started getting careless and not really trying while Manhoef continued landing significant strikes. Carvalho had a good takedown in round four and kept dominant position for a bit, but that was just about the best he had done all fight long.

In a fight that looked to be a clear victory for Manhoef, Carvalho retained by split decision, and the crowd was pissed! Everyone from the audience to the commentators was disgusted by the decision. The night ended with the sounds of the commentary team voicing their absolute disapproval. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disgusted as well.

Nick’s Scorecard: 49-46 Manhoef
Winner by Split Decision: Rafael Carvalho

Featherweights- Pat Curran vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

This is another fight that went to the judge’s scorecards. Curran had a big knockdown in the first round, and stayed dominant on the ground throughout the second. He kept transitioning and attempting submissions, but Georgi wouldn’t allow him to lock anything in. In round three, Curran tried taking Georgi back to the ground early on, but Georgi was able to reverse it and take Curran to the ground. He managed to stay dominant for most of the round, and the fight was left to the judges.

I know that Curran has had problems with his knee coming into this fight. It was bad enough to the point where he considered ending his career. Instead, he started training with the Blackzilians, and decided to keep pushing. I was definitely curious to see how well he would handle another fight, but it seemed like his knee didn’t bother him very much. I was also surprised that Karakhanyan didn’t try targeting the knee as much in this fight. Overall, a pretty decent fight that stayed primarily on the ground.

Nick’s Scorecard: 29-28 Curran
Winner by Unanimous Decision: Pat Curran

Heavyweights- Augusto Sakai vs. Dan Charles

This fight also had lots of low blows in it. Sakai got two on Charles in round one, causing him to be penalized one point. There weren’t many punches used in this fight, and both fighters relied more on leg and body kicks. It seemed like Charles had more significant kicks in this fight, and he seemed to look dominant through all three rounds. It was a bit slower-paced and stayed standing up all throughout. It also wound up going to a decision, with one judge scoring it 30-26 for Charles, while the other two scored it 28-28. The fight went down as a majority draw.

Nick’s Scorecard: 30-26 Charles
Result: Majority Draw

Catchweights- Alexis Dufresne vs. Marloes Coenen

What an upset this was! Coenen, the veteran, went up against Alexis Dufresne, who was ten years younger and held a 5-2 professional record. Coenen, on the other hand, came in with a 23-6 record and was the clear favorite. Dufresne took the fight to the ground very early on and stayed in dominant position until Coenen transitioned and got into full guard on top. From there, Dufresne attempted a triangle choke and was able to lock it in successfully. The triangle choke turned to an armbar, and Coenen tapped out, making Dufrense only the second person to submit Coenen, with the other being Miesha Tate.

Winner by Submission via Armbar: Alexis Dufresne

Heavyweights- Joey Beltran vs. Chase Gormley

In this fight, Chase Gormley had a thirty pound advantage over Beltran, with Gormley being 260 lbs. to Beltran’s 230 lbs. It seemed like Beltran was afraid to get close to Gormley for the first two rounds, but was able to rock him in round three. He wasn’t able to finish Gormley off, however, and the fight went to the judges.

Nick’s Scorecard: 29-28 Gormley
Winner by Split Decision: Chase Gormley

So, that’s it, folks! Did this help you out? Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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