5 Fantasy WWE Matches That Never Happened

The WWE has had a barrage of amazing wrestlers over the years. From amazing technicians like Daniel Bryan, to all-star high flyers such as Evan Bourne, to unstoppable power forces such as Goldberg. It’s a shame that some wrestlers that would have been so compatible wrestled in different eras. Today I’m going to list 5 of these matches. Here are 5 fantasy WWE matches that never happened.

5. Kane vs Finn Bálor

This can technically still happen, but the likeliness is low. This match would be amazing, Young Demon going face to face with the original demon. Kane would be the powerhouse. This feud would go extremely well, Bálor starts dominating and says “No one can beat me, I’m THE Demon”, Kane enters and chokeslams Bálor, at the next pay-per-view Kane faces Bálor in a match later in the night. Finn Bálor defeats Kane after a grueling match and Kane after the match bows down to Finn and makes him the heir to the demon throne.

4. Neville vs Evan Bourne

Two of the best high flyers to ever participate in WWE, even though neither found amazing success, they both have always been loved and recognized for their impressive ability to always shock the crowd and never have a boring match. This match would include, red arrows, 450 splashes, shooting star press’ and more. In a match like this you would never know what to expect and would never take your eyes off the screen. This might be my #1 Match I would want to see all time.

3. Andre the Giant vs Big Show

One Eras giant to this eras giant, this match would be a slug fest. Although neither of these men are known for their great wrestling skill, it would be a hard-hitting match. You have to take into account Big Show’s KO Punch and spear most likely wouldn’t take down Andre The Giant very easily. André would have to work extremely hard to just get Big Show down for his sit down splash or elbow drop. This match would be a never-ending slug fest between two giant legends of the industry.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan(1v1)

Yes, these two fought but in a tag match. So, the best of the attitude era, Stone Cold fighting the best of the 80’s and part of the 90’s and at that point the best wrestling superstar of all time. I never understood why it didn’t happen, they were in the same company, at the same time and their feuds would’ve intertwined at one point easily if WWE made it happen. Although Hulk was never an amazing wrestler, it would have been a math where the crowd is cheering the whole time. Stone Cold Stunner on Hulk never happened, we never got to see a leg drop on Austin… What could have been…

1.Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania

The Phenom… facing the Icon. Streak vs Career in the WWE. This match would have been absolutely iconic. When Sting came to WWE, the fans exploded. Sting was the wrestler who never made it to WWE, and he finally did. At that point the streak was over, but let’s pretend it wasn’t. We could have seen Sting vs Undertaker a year after Sting v Triple H at Wrestlemania, if it weren’t for injuries maybe we would have. Sting comes into WWE, and two straight WrestleManias he faces arguably two of the biggest faces the industry has ever and will ever have. This match is the true definition, of a dream match that everyone… everyone… Would want to happen

Well! That’s my list! Want me to do more? Didn’t like my choices? Tell me in comments.

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