5 Matches WWE Should Make Happen In 2016

WWE in 2016 has been interesting so far, and it will most definitely continue this way. We have been informed that many stars will be returning in the near future. Such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and more. And if we are ignoring the fact that injuries could happen again this are the matches that would be the very best to see, so, here are the 5 Matches We Should See in WWE in 2016.

5. Bálor Club v Shield

WWE has Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, AJ Styles and Finn Bálor, and we will soon have Dean Ambrose Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins back from injury, I don’t see why this match wouldn’t happen. We have amazing wrestlers such as Finn, AJ, Seth, Dean and even the “lower” tier guys in this feud would still be great wrestlers with Karl Anderson, Roman Reigns and Luke Gallows.Even if this was just a one night only team up of The Shield, seeing this group in action again would be so amazing, and against an amazing team of wrestlers none the less. Personally, I would have the Bálor Club win, and in addition I would have Dean be WWE champion at the time of this feud so the win for the Bálor club will look really good against three former world heavyweight champions.

4. Triple H vs Shane McMahon

We haven’t seen Triple H since Mania, why? Hopefully because this match is gonna happen at SummerSlam. In the past few weeks Stephanie and Shane have been working together to run Raw. Stephanie has been O.K with this for some reason even though she is supposed to be a heel figure with Triple H. Hopefully what happens is that Triple H comes back a month before SummerSlam and confronts Stephanie about how she has been working with Shane. Triple H confronts Shane and says “you shouldn’t be here because you lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania” further proving the pointlessness of that match. Then Shane says, “Well I have the fans support, and Vince even said that I could run Raw well, so I think I have the upper hand here”. Triple H can go mental on Shane destroying him and hitting the Pedigree. In the weeks leading up to SummerSlam the authority will be wreaking havoc on wrestlers such as Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, and other fan favorites, solidifying them as prominent heel figures. This leads to a match at SummerSlam which is Shane vs Triple H, if Shane wins he gets control of Raw and the authority is gone for good, if Triple H wins Shane is fired and Triple H has all the control. I would have Shane win this match and get the authority out of WWE.

3. Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

This and The Shield vs Bálor Club will most likely be one or the other but this one is a possible amazing match as well. Seth could come back and confront Roman Reigns who is champion and say I want my title back. Dean Ambrose could have won a number one Contendership match earlier that Raw, so he comes out and confronts Seth and Roman. Shane, the man running Raw can enter and say that Dean will be getting his match as promise, but Seth never lost his title either, which means that at SummerSlam(hopefully) we have a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match. Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose. I would have Dean Ambrose win this because he is the only member of The Shield to have not won a WWE Championship and what better way to do it the first time than against your two former team mates.

2. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Natalya

The Natalya is optional, but I’m hoping for this because it includes, The best Female wrestler in Sasha, Charlotte with momentum after turning on Ric Flair(hopefully) and Natalya who might win at Extreme Rules. So either Natalya or Charlotte walk in to this match was champion. Sasha could win a match against Becky Lynch and Emma to win a title shot, and Charlotte could be using her rematch. This match would be a great match, it could have some great spots such as Charlotte doing another amazing Moonsault, Sasha Banks doing everything wrestling wise well, and Natalya locking in a few killer SharpShooters and Submission maneuvers. I would have Sasha Banks win this because she could use the momentum to get Charlotte out of the title picture temporarily, so wrestlers like Emma, Becky Lynch and Bayley can get title shots.

1.Triple H vs Seth Rollins

This match would be outstanding, we have nearly always entertaining Triple H, and the fan favorite soon to return Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins when he returns could rejoin the authority and ride with them while that Shane vs Triple H storyline from earlier is happening, and after Triple H loses the match clean, Seth Rollins could come out to help Triple H only to Pedigree him in the middle of the ring and have Shane McMahon hold up his hand. Huge face turn for Seth, This doesn’t lead to anything with Shane and Seth, it’s just a moment for a pop from the crowd, but it would be a great one. The next Raw Seth has a match against a heel someone like The Miz someone who the fans dislike so that they will favor Seth. Triple H comes out to distract Seth Rollins, only for The Miz to roll up Seth and pin him. These interferences continue over the next few weeks, Seth interfering with Triple H’s matches and Triple H doing the same. It all ends at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins vs Triple H. I would have Seth win this match, 100% clean, this is to solidify him as a dominant Face, and make him look crazy good defeating Triple H Clean.



Do you agree? Tell me in the comments what matches you want to see this year.

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One thought on “5 Matches WWE Should Make Happen In 2016

  1. These matches will be good. For Balor Club vs. Sheild, something is telling me that will happen at survivor series. Balor Club will be Triple H’s team, Shield Shane Mcmahon’s. The Shield triple threat should be at Royal Rumble or Fastlane. Wrestlemania should be Rollins Vs. Ambrose Last man standing, Reigns vs. Lesnar 2

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