An MLB Super Team

     The MLB is filled with exceptional talent at all positions. The positions I’m talking about are SP, RP/CP, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, and RF. What if all of the best MLB superstars played for the same team? Who would be on it? I’m here to create the best possible MLB team.


SP1: Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the MLB. His curveball is what makes him so good. Batters fear the curveball whenever they step into the batter’s box. In the past, Clayton Kershaw has won 3 Cy Young awards and an MVP. He also has thrown a no-hitter. All of these, and the fact that he has only had over a 3.00 Earned Run Average (ERA) in one of his nine career seasons, solidify him as the best pitcher in baseball.

SP2: Jake Arrieta

Arrieta is more of a recently discovered star. Before the 2014 season, his best season consisted of only a 3.66 ERA. In 2014, his 2.53 ERA started his dominance. The 2014 season was overshadowed by Clayton Kershaw’s MVP season, but it was still great. Since then, he has pitched a 1.53 ERA. His 2015 season was remarkable, earning him the NL Cy Young. His 2016 season, although it’s still early, looks promising yet again. He will likely contend with Clayton Kershaw for the Cy Young award yet again.

SP3: Chris Sale

Chris Sale, somehow, is underrated. He has been underrated for years partly due to his team. It hasn’t been too successful. So far through 2016, his team, The Chicago White Sox, have been among the best in the league. A big part of that has been because of Chris Sale. Chris Sale has been arguably the best pitcher in the MLB during the 2016 season. He is 8-0 (in only 8 starts) and has thrown a 1.67 ERA with 53 strikeouts. His dominance is finally getting recognized.

SP4: Zack Greinke

This may come as a surprise to some due to his quiet start to the 2016 MLB season, but over the past few years he’s been dominant. Last season he finished second to Jake Arrieta in the NL Cy Young voting. Greinke, signing a colossal deal in the offseason has been disappointing for the Diamondbacks but due to his consistency over his career I wouldn’t be worried. He is a fantastic pitcher who might be getting better still.

SP5: David Price

David Price is in a similar situation as Greinke. He was traded last season from the Tigers to the Blue Jays, but left in the offseason for the Red Sox. He also has struggled mightily this season, but it’s too early to say that a consistently great pitcher like David Price will be a waste of money for Boston.

NOTE: For the sake of this article I will be combining relief pitchers and closing pitchers.


RP/CP1: Craig Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel is the best reliever in the game. Over the past three seasons he has played on three different teams. While adapting to new environments, he has still managed to post a decent ERA. While he was in Atlanta, however, he posted an ERA below 2 in four of five seasons. He is on this team because of his consistency and longevity.

RP/CP2: Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman could be the most feared pitcher in baseball for one reason. His fastball is rarely thrown below 100 MPH. He may not have the largest array of pitches, but does it matter? He has been outstanding at making batters misses for years because of that 100+ MPH fastball.


C: Buster Posey

Buster Posey is one of those guys who is undoubtedly the best player at his position. No catcher in the league matches his offensive skills. He also is no liability defensively either. He hits a career .309 and has earned an MVP along with three silver sluggers.


1B: Paul Goldschmidt

“Goldy” is the perfect example of a guy who can do it all. He is elite both defensively and offensively. He also is exceptionally fast for a first baseman. His career average is only .295 but his past three years are a different story. From 2013-2015 he has hit for an average of .302/.300/.321 respectively.


2B: Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve is known for his incredibly high average and elite defensive presence. While hitting .307 over his short career, his power has been his only real issue. Luckily for him, he already has nine home runs through his first 39 games played.


3B: Josh Donaldson

This is probably the hardest position to evaluate. Manny Machado and Nolan Arenado are both legitimate contenders for the spot. The reason Donaldson has the edge is because he is phenomenal on both sides of the ball, and has an MVP to show for it.


SS: Carlos Correa

Correa was easily the rookie of the year during the 2015 season and has been posting comparable numbers this year. While those numbers aren’t going to get him any hall of fame nods when he retires, he’s sure to improve as the season goes on. He has the potential to become an all time great at his position.


LF: Mike Trout

Yes, I know, Mike Trout is primarily a center fielder, but he is so good defensively that he can play any of the outfield positions. He, at age 24, is putting up historically good numbers for his career so far. He is walking with legends in almost every major hitting statistic. He also has an MVP while only being 24.


CF: Andrew McCutchen

“Cutch” is another one of those players who have the longevity and consistency that earn them a nod above others. The former MVP is still playing at an elite level. He, like Trout, can play all three positions in the outfield while remaining efficient. He is surely an elite outfielder, and among the best players in the game.


RF: Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper really jumped onto the scene during his 2015 campaign, earning him the NL MVP award. He has blossomed into one of the best players in the game. His defense isn’t quite elite, but it isn’t bad. His hitting, however, contends with the best players in the league. Being arguably the best player in the league, he deserves to be on the team.


P: Clayton Kershaw

RP/CP: Craig Kimbrel

C: Buster Posey

1B: Paul Goldschmidt

2B: Jose Altuve

3B: Josh Donaldson

SS: Carlos Correa

LF: Mike Trout

CF: Andrew McCutchen

RF: Bryce Harper



1 – Jose Altuve

2 – Andrew McCutchen

3 – Josh Donaldson

4 – Bryce Harper

5 – Mike Trout

6 – Paul Goldschmidt

7 – Buster Posey

8 – Carlos Correa

9 – Pitcher


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