Adam Cole Joined Bullet Club



Last Night at The Global Wars 2016 Event. The PPV event that puts the best of New Japan against the best of Ring of Honor. The show itself was fantastic but it was what ended the show that had everyone talking

Adam Cole Joined the Bullet Club.
The Young Bucks had promised that the Bullet Club would be getting a new member. And surprisingly it didn’t happen during the eight man tag match, therefore many people thought they had lied… Until

In the Main Event Match between Colt Cabana & Jay Lethal. The Young Bucks surprisingly entered the ring. They present both men Bullet Club Shirts, many believe Jay Lethal will join Bullet Club. Then, the lights go out and who appear? Adam Cole. It was exciting and shocking to see. After this The Young Bucks began destroying Hendrix, The Ref, Colt, Lethal & The Security.

We can probably guess that Adam Cole will be the next contender for Jay Lethal. It looks as if Jay Lethal Will be turning fade. He’s pretty much beaten every single Good Guy in ROH. Now it’s time to take on some Bad Guys. Adam Cole is first in line. This is good for Adam Cole for two different reasons. One because he is back in the main event which he deserves, and he has something to do. If he hadn’t joined the Bullet Club what would he be doing right now?


Hopefully this leads to Adam Cole getting a big main event push. It could lead to a second Ring of Honor Championship Reign if he is able to take Jay Lethal out. Personally, I believe Cole is worthy of this main event push, not only does he have the wrestling talent to make it, but he is charismatic and will be add more star power to bullet club. I look forward to seeing what this new addition brings!

Thanks for reading! Do you agree? Did you like how Adam Cole joined Bullet Club? Tell me In the comments.

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