5 Ways To Build Up AJ Styles



AJ Styles is likely one of the best talents in WWE. h\He has the wrestling skill, mic skill, and is one of the most beloved wrestlers WWE has. He could possibly have a great career in WWE, and the future is looking bright for him right now.

So… Here are five possibilities for the growth and success of AJ Styles in WWE! *These are not in order*

5. He Wins Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank is one of the most influential PPVs of the year, and it is (nearly) a guarantee at a title reign. Money in the Bank provides excitement for this wrestler whenever they make an appearance as they can cash in at any time. AJ Styles would be a perfect person to win Money in the Bank, he has the wrestling talent needed, he has the mic talent needed, and people would absolutely freak out when he cashes in(especially if it’s on Roman Reigns).

4. He WINS at Extreme Rules

Now honestly, I doubt this match will be clean on either side, AJ will most likely have Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come out(and hopefully Finn Bálor) and Roman Reigns will have The Usos come out for him. But if he actually comes out with the win(which in my opinion is unlikely). It would first of all obviously really boost him, and it would be a huge push. The best case scenario in my opinion is that he wins at Extreme Rules with interference from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, so that storyline advances and he gets the push he deserves.

3. He joins Bálor Club(Finn Bálor Debuts at Extreme Rules in this Idea)

So, Recently Gallows and Anderson have been protecting AJ, accompanying him to the ring, etc. So at the upcoming Extreme Rules, AJ and Roman have put on a great match, when Roman is setting up for the SuperMan Punch, Gallows and Anderson pull him out. AJ looks at them and is furious. He wants this match to be clean, Roman doesn’t believe AJ that he isn’t the one telling Luke and Karl to come out. AJ looks at them and says “You have to tell Me who is sending you out here, I can’t deal with being blamed for this anymore”. And Finn Bálor’s Music Hits. They have a bit of a comfrontation at Extreme Rules, whether AJ wins or not doesn’t matter, but he doesn’t want to join right away. Over the next weeks he has matches against a variety of Mid/ UpperCarders, in which Luke Gallows and Anderson interfere and save him from losing, he yells at them and says that if they interfere in his next match he will make them both pay. The next week he has a match against Apollo Crews, in which he gets absolutely destroyed! He is sitting In the ring, when he yells “OKAY LUKE… OKAY KARL… You win… I’ll join you” When Bálor comes out with Karl and Luke by his side, they welcome him in. They grow as a stable and by SummerSlam have that moment most good stables have, where every member has a title, Finn has the World HeavyWeight, AJ has the InterContinental, and Luke and Karl have the Tag.

2. Feud AGAINST The Bálor Club

I’m not a fan of this theory, but it is a possibility. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson could get fed up with AJ not accepting their help. So one time they come out and AJ denies as usual and instead of just walking away they attack him, they give him the Magic Killer and the Boot of Doom. Although I don’t want this feud AJ Luke and Karl would be able to pull it off, and I think it would be great.

1.Really Long IC or US Title Reign

This has been done for many superstars in the past, before they build the superstar up to be an UpperCarder, they give him an insanely long run with a smaller singles title, so they gain respect and have momentum. This has been done for people such as Rusev and Dean Ambrose, and I think it could work for AJ, as he would gain respect and would be a good champion.
Do you agree?

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