3 MORE Major Booking Mistakes WWE Has Made

Now, I already did one of these, take a look you know you want to: https://thelasttimeout.com/2016/04/02/3-major-booking-mistakes-wwe-has-made/ 

But there is many more of these that I have yet to address. 

So, here is 3 MORE Major Booking Mistakes WWE has made

Christian’s World Heavyweight Championship Reign:

This. Was. Horrendous… Edge and Christian were one of the most popular and successful tag teams in their time, feuding with The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy’s and others. Edge was the more successful of the two, as he went on to win the world heavyweight championship, two money in the bank briefcases and more. The man who always took a backseat to Edge got a title shot. It was an amazing moment, with Edge retiring, Christian won the World HeavyWeight Championship in a ladder match against Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules, it was a great feel good moment… And then he lost it five days later against Randy Orton(*Applause for WWE*) He then challenged him again and again and again and again. During this feud they just made a good then heel in Christian look weak. People just wanted the man to get a good reign in after years in the backseat, and WWE didn’t realize. Christian honestly should’ve just gotten a decent reign, without the “One more match” concept over and over again.

Damien Sandow Failed MITB Cash-in:

His name is John Cena, and he beat Sandow cashing in… Sure, Sandow was a heel and Cena was your top face and money maker and you don’t want him to lose… I GET IT.. But this was literally: How to Give Up On a Superstar 101 by WWE. They should’ve just had him win the cash in, instead of embarrassing him a ton, and then have Cena win it back… It really isn’t that difficult WWE. Cena obviously is well liked by fans of all ages at least a bit, But you could always use a change and people liked the skill and devotion of Sandow. He deserved to win that match, even if it was against Cena.

2014 Royal Rumble:

Batista is back and everyone should wanto win… Right? Well in 2014 it was confirmed that for the Royal Rumble Batista would be returning, which is good. But people had their heart set on someone else… Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan didn’t win, or even enter so fans had a bit of a changed mindset after all 30 entrants had entered. They didn’t believe Batista deserved it and he apparently was unofficially declared by the fans now, Bootista it is. When Batista won at entrant 28(Suprise Suprise) it sparked a lot of controversy, it’s 2014 people said, and I personally agreed with them. At the end of the match it was Roman Reigns vs Batista, and people were cheering for Roman… Jesus Christ how bad must they have not wanted Batisa.


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