3 Major Booking Mistakes WWE Has Made

The WWE has had so many great storylines over the years, But it is impossible to forget the amazing opportunities they had that they just messed up.

Today on TheLastTimeout we are listing 3 Major Booking Mistakes WWE Made.

The Nexus:

The Nexus was a group of young guys from NXT Season One that were trying to rebel and take over. Led by Wade Barrett, The Nexus was seen as the next big thing, but someone was bound to bury them eventually. But WWE for some reason decided to make it one guy… John Cena… Cena at that point was the top guy, he buried everyone, he barely lost and just kept kicking out at 2. Edge, Chris Jericho and even John Cena himself has said it was a bad idea to bury the Nexus. The Nexus was a group that after conquering NXT went to wreak havoc on the main roster. The group erupted on to the scene attacking major stars and just dominating everyone in their path. They eventually decided to take on the WWE Champion John Cena, a long feud ensued, with Team Raw vs Team Nexus happening often, after a one on one victory for Wade Barrett over Mark Henry and before a 7 on 7 elimination tag match in which The Nexus wins. The Nexus asked Cena to join them. They then had a hell in a cell match in which Cena lost and was fired, but was later rehired and forced to join The Nexus. He began to slowly destroy it from the inside and after the whole “New Nexus” idea, the faction was disbanded after many of its members were injured or abandoned the group. Overall, the group never should’ve done this feud with Cena, or at least not until they had established themselves as a more dominant force. They truly should’ve dominated for longer and in a different way than the WWE booked them.

Stings Debut:

Sting was a dominant force in WCW and TNA all the way from the early 90’s to the 2010’s. And when the icon finally came to WWE, of course, they messed up the booking. When Sting came he immediately entered a feud with Triple H and the authority. His actual in ring debut was fine but what they did with this feud after this was the real mistake. He began his feud with Triple H and Seth, he interfered with Seth’s Statue unveiling, and then later had a match for the WWE World HeavyWeight Championship and of course, lost. Then later had his match against Triple H at WrestleMania. And they make a stupid decision and decide to make him lose… What was the point of this feud and hyping up “The Icon” if they were just going to make him lose at Night of Champions and WrestleMania.

Ending the Streak:

This just simply made no sense. I understand they wanted to legitimize Brock Lesnar as a real force in the WWE. But this was NOT the way of going about it… After 21 straight WrestleMania wins, and UnderTaker being at the age of retiring, there really was no point in this. If they were going to end the streak, they should’ve ended it much earlier, before it became the most hyped up thing in WrestleMania history. And the thing is, this match in which the streak ended, wasn’t even that good of a match, only reason people remember it is because it is the match that ended the streak.


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