How WWE Should Book Kevin Owens IC Title Reign

The WWE has so many young superstars with potential. One of these superstars is Kevin Owens
An obvious choice, Kevin Owens has extremely impressive wrestling skill that you can’t deny. Right now he has the Intercontinental championship, but you can’t stop there.WWE should either make Owens have an extremely impressive Intercontinental title reign, where they put all of the best wrestlers against him and he can’t not be beaten.
Possible Storyline: He would have a reign of 3 months,Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, and Ryback, three former champions all at different times request a shot at his title at the next pay per-view, then after careful consideration Owens chooses to fight them all in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match Extreme Rules. In this match those 3 would team up against them and eventually each of them feel confident that Owens won’t be able to get up to defend himself again. So each of them climb the ladder and begin fighting on top, all 3 are on the ladder and Owens remarkably gets back up, grabs the ladder, pushes it over and all 3 opponents fall out of the ring off of the ladder. Kevin Owens then would continue to climb the ladder and win the match. After the match Ambrose, Barrett and Ryback would attack Owens leaving him defenseless, in a triple turn, turning Owens Face and Ambrose, and Ryback Heel, also solidifying Barrett as a respectful heel. Not only does this make a star out of Owens, but gives Ryback Ambrose and Barrett some well deserved attention.


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