5 Things WWE Needs to Make Happen

The WWE is on and off, sometimes they have many great storylines going on at once, and at other times they are in a drought, without key storylines happening. We have so many ideas for the WWE to make happen, but today we are listing 5.

Turn Roman Reigns Heel:
Roman Reigns at the moment is the top superstar in the company, or at least that’s what they’re trying to make of him. He’s a great wrestler but people just find his personality boring, a heel turn would change all of that, he would shock everyone by the turn and would attract interest from fans. For example, The Rock was a face, many fans didn’t find him likeable and couldn’t take him seriously as a competitor, until he had his heel turn. The Rock’s whole personality changed that eventually once he had the respect from the crowd and the crowd on his side, he was face again. It wouldn’t even matter if they did exactly what they did to the rock to reigns, but for reigns to be taken seriously as the top superstar in the company, they must make this heel turn happen.



Shane McMahon at WrestleMania:
If you didn’t watch the February 22nd edition of Monday Night Raw, you might’ve missed the big return of Shane McMahon. McMahon came out and said he wants to control Raw. Vince after long thought eventually decided that Shane could have control of the show, IF, he can defeat The Undertaker at the place where he most shines, WrestleMania and in addition, it will be a Hell In A Cell Match. Now, most people don’t want The Undertaker to lose, but really want Shane to control Raw, which leaves fans with a bit of a problem. Our opinion, is that Shane McMahon, MUST win this match, and for many reasons. For one, you can just see the fan reactions when Shane came out on Raw, everyone was cheering, and when Vince asked if the fans wanted Shane to have Raw, everyone was saying yes. Another reason is that Shane could bring some great excitement to WWE, the fact that he is coming back to fight again is amazing itself and also that the match is Hell In A Cell. Shane also had some of the best moments in WWE, could he bring those back if he wins? They should book this not just as one match, but a feud between Shane and Vince, it could be a best of 3 series, Shane wins his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania, causing him to win Raw, which could begin a feud between Shane(Raw) and Triple H(SmackDown). At the next pay per view the two pick a team to face each other and have a huge tag match, and then at the following pay per view they fight one on one to decide who takes complete control. Another possible outcome, is that Shane could hire anyone he wants to take his place against the Undertaker, starting a feud between Shane and his choice vs Vince and The Undertaker.

Continue to Push Kevin Owens:
Recently Kevin Owens won the Intercontinental Championship, and in addition has already retained the title against Dolph Ziggler. He has been doing better as of late, but I say, why stop? Continue to push Owens until he is the best he can be, he has the skill to be the best and should get a chance to show that. Either give him an extremely impressive Title Reign, or give him shots at bigger and better things, let him shine.

Make Dean Ambrose truly crazy:
Dean Ambrose has the role of the crazy guy in WWE, but all he does is say it, he rarely actual backs it up and shows why. WWE needs to do this, have Dean make insane decisions, attack people before their match backstage, etc. Dean Ambrose was recently given a meaningful storyline with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, Lesnar attacked Ambrose before Raw, and needed to be hospitalized, but later that night came back and challenged Brock to a match at WrestleMania. Hopefully this rivalry begins a string of feuds with Ambrose surprise entering on people and attacking other wrestlers as Lesnar did.

Give Tag Teams Meaningful StoryLines/Feuds:
The Tag Team Division has some great talent, The New Day, The Uso’s, The Lucha Dragons, The Ascension, and more. But there aren’t many meaningful rivalries within the division. The tag teams that be a meaningful storyline are The Ascension, The Lucha Dragons, and The New Day. The Ascension storyline would be to make them legitimate heel’s, they already have the act, make them secretly attack someone back stage so people lose their tag partners, and can’t fight In the match against them, they would win matches by default, making all the tag teams feud against them making it a two versus all storyline. The Tag Teams would form weird combinations due to their partner being injured( Jey Uso with Kofi Kingston etc.) This could cause for some funny moments with bad coordination between partners. The Lucha Dragons could also get a good storyline going, Kalisto has been doing very well in singles, winning the United States title. Sin Cara, his tag partner could become jealous and start to go for titles. They could be feuding but still have matches with each other, The badly coordinated tag team could go for the tag title together, but also fight each other for the US Title and to be considered the better part of the team. The New Day isn’t as specific, but they just need meaningful feud which will allow them to put their in ring skill to good use.


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