Pros and Cons of Trades Before the Deadline.

  • Orlando traded Tobias Harris to Detroit for Ersan Illyasova and Brandon Jennings

Stan Van Gundy started pulling off some magic with this steal of a deal. Many from the outside looking in might wonder what the Magic are doing, but they received two expiring contracts and they have expressed interest in making moves this offseason via free agency. The Magic, like every other team in the NBA, believe they can entice Kevin Durant to come and join them. Even though the only thing separating them from the rest of the NBA teams is Disney World, and every relevant player in their history asking to leave and getting what they wanted. On the other side with Detroit, the trade helped them out tremendously. They got a 23 year old modern day 4 who is signed to a four year deal. Tobias Harris has a knack for scoring inside the arc; whether it be from pull up jumpers, drives to the rim, or post ups, he is very efficient and gives Detroit an extra element to their offense that they didn’t have before. Defensively he is still growing and is occasionally slow on rotations, but defensive IQ comes with growth and at 23 years old he still has plenty of time to do so. If he can extend his range to at least be average at 3 point range, he could become very scary. He showed a flash of being able to do so last year, shooting 36% from the arc, and an extremely efficient 44% from the corner; but he has regressed back to his old ways, and is currently shooting 31% from downtown. Overall, I do not agree with the reasons Orlando pulled this trade, but they got what they wanted, which was ability for more cap room and Detroit got a young piece to go along with their already young core.

  • Memphis received Chris Anderson, P.J. Hairston, four 2nd round picks, Miami received Brian Roberts, and Charlotte received Courtney Lee

This trade helps Miami with their back-up point guard issues with Tyler Johnson recently undergoing shoulder surgery, and dealing away Chris Anderson helped reduce their luxury tax bill. Overall, nothing major for Miami just small moves that help out small issues. Courtney Lee is on his last year of his deal and Memphis seems to be trying to get everything they can out of him before he was to just walk away. Charlotte needed this trade as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is out from a season ending injury, and Charlotte is hoping to make some noise as they are currently 8th in the east. The P.J. Hairston part of the deal is irrelevant, because he does not bring anything positive worth mentioning to the table. Charlotte made a move to put a band aid over an injury so they can keep the season alive, Miami essentially made a move to save money, and the Grizzlies seem to finally be blowing up with this move and other moves they have made.

  • Heat trade Jarnell Stokes and cash considerations to the New Orleans Pelicans for a heavily protected 2nd round pick

This was a salary dump move that put the Heat below the luxury tax and nothing more. It is currently unclear the exact details of how protected the 2nd round pick is.

  • Houston trades Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton for Joel Anthony and a top 8 protected first round pick.

Another Stan Van Gundy bomb that is going to lead the Pistons to good places if everything falls into place. Motiejunas is a good player that is able to stretch the floor currently shooting 41.2% from the arc. Solid bench depth is essentially what you are going to get from him. Marcus Thornton is a streak scorer that under the right tutelage could be a nice player off the bench. I have faith that Stan Van Gundy could do just that, and you should not be surprised to see Thornton’s efficiency rise with his time in Detroit. Houston got a 1st round pick which is never a bad thing, and Joel Anthony is a two time champion and can be a veteran leader for a team who’s two best players are arguing over who should be traded between them. (Hopefully you caught the sarcasm.) Detroit got the best out of this deal clearly, but that 1st round pick could be very useful for the Rockets in the future.

  • Cleveland received Channing Frye, Orlando received a 2nd round pick and Jared Cunningham, and Portland received Anderson Varejao, and a conditional 1st round pick for 2018 that is top 10 protected for 2 years.

Cleveland got rid of a franchise favorite in Varejao who has been hobbled with injury after injury, for one of the best stretch 4s in the game today Channing Frye. Frye has been solid just about everywhere he has gone and this is a good move for Cleveland as it helps with their issues on their bench. Portland receiving Varejao seemed to be the baggage they had to take for the 1st round pick and nothing more. We should not expect Andy V to bring some huge boost to a team that is already overachieving. Orlando again doing more salary dumps in hope for their Disneyworld welcoming to Kevin Durant this summer and a 2nd round pick for the hell of it.

  • Atlanta trades Shelvin Mack to the Utah Jazz for a 2nd round pick

Outside of depth at the point guard position for Utah nobody cares about this sooooooo on to the next one.

  • Oklahoma City trades D.J.Augustin, Steve Novak, and two future 2nd round picks to Denver for Randy Foye.

I am not a fan of this trade at all. Oklahoma City traded Augustin (Kevin Durant’s friend back from when they were teammates in college), a career 43% 3 point shooter in Novak, and future 2nd picks for…. Randy Foye? Randy Foye has played 10 seasons in the NBA so let’s look at what he brings to the table. Well for starters he has 5 seasons under his belt shooting below 40% which is an accomplishment within itself. Okay, fine let’s not look into the past and see what he is doing right now. Okay well what else is there? Oh he is currently shooting 29.6% from three (6% lower than Rajon Rondo this year) and 40.9% from inside the arc. So what exactly is he bringing to the table? He’s an inconsistent scorer that is a solid ball handler on a team that isn’t lacking in ball handlers. None of it makes any sense for OKC. On the other side for Denver, they have a veteran behind their rookie Emmanuel Mudiay and a shooter that probably will not touch the court. No real winner here.

  • Miami trades Brian Roberts and a 2nd round pick to Portland

Miami saved 6 million dollars. Next!

  • Phoenix trades Markieff Morris to Washington for a top nine protected first round pick

PHOENIX FANS REJOICE EVERYWHERE MORRIS IS GONE! Morris has been at odds with the organization ever since they traded his twin brother to Detroit last year and it had become an volatile situation having Morris on the team. Things got bad enough that Markieff openly and verbally attacked the front office, head coach Jeff Hornacek on the sidelines, and even had his hands around the neck of teammate Archie Goodwin. He had to go, and they got a first round pick out of him which is nothing short of a victory for Phoenix. Washington on the other side is hoping to stay relevant after an extremely slow start to the season, and a stretch 4 with the skill set that Markieff Morris has complements them perfectly. This is a win for both sides.

  • Chicago trades Kirk Hinrich to Atlanta for a 2nd round pick.

Hinrich gives Atlanta depth at the point guard spot, and Chicago got a 2nd round pick for a scrap player. Win-Win.

  • Houston trades Joel Anthony and a 2nd round pick to Philadelphia 

Let me just say that even though I am fully aware that Joel Anthony will most likely be waived, but as an avid 76ers fan this news is very depressing. BUT HEY WE GET ANOTHER SAM HINKIE SPECIAL OF 2ND ROUND PICKS EVERYWHERE WOOHOO!

  • Clippers trade Lance Stephenson and a future first round pick to the Memphis Grizzlies for Jeff Green

If I had any skill with photoshop their would definitely be a picture of Lance Stephenson blowing the Clippers away. Memphis has had their issues with Jeff Green, and as I pointed out earlier it looks like they are looking to blow everything up. The Clippers are desperate to win and there is probably a lot more pressure on Doc Rivers than we are led to believe. I have always been a fan of Jeff Green, and Lance Stephenson is hilariously bad so I have zero issue with this trade on either end. Oh side-note, the pick they traded was the 2019 first round pick which is the year Blake Griffin and Chris Paul’s contracts are up. No way anything can possibly go wrong there.

(All stats from and and are accurate as of 2/19/16)


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